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brain mets


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I totally lost it when my husband was diagnosed with brain mets because my mom had them and didn't make it but, and i say but, my Buddy had whole brain radiation (ten treatments) and as of two wks ago, nothing is showing....that was great news to us....as for my mom, they never gave her anything 30 yrs ago for it. she had part of a lung removed and her dr said she was cured. when the brain mets came along about 4 months later, they did nothing. I was so dumb on cancer, that i followed everything the drs said. I do believe that her brain mets were extensive at the time when found so maybe nothing could be done....

Buddy had three mets, one in the middle of his forehead and one on each side of the temples or there abouts....

Sometimes they do that gamma knife, Radio-surgery regular surgery and whole head radiation. all of these are suppose to be good treatments. Buddy's radiation dr said whole head needed to be done first in case there were more mets that did not showing on the cat scan. Now the chemo onc said the other day that if they do come back, they might consider Radio-surgery if the liver shows promise...

YOu know Ray, all the worry in the world won't make it better. We and I mean you and my husband and all others with cancer of any kind can only do what the drs think is best, hope for a remission and sometimes a cure, but do go on living each day and enjoy each day as best as possible.

Buddy had his first chemo of taxotere yesterday for the liver mets and i thought he would be down and out today but guess what, - - we had lunch out today at one of the river boats. We are both on the same course of taking each day at a time and going with it as best as possible....we are not dwelling on tomorrow......it takes to much energy for something we have no control over.... Hope this helps some. God Bless.

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My husband has had radiation treatment for 3 different mets since his diagnosis August 20th. of last year. He came through all of them with flying colors, and minimal side effects. The first was for his shoulder/arm, the second he had whole brain radiation, Third for his spine. His brain met is no longer there, and as for the other sites they seem to be under control. At this time he is in the midst of yet another round of radiation for lymph nodes in his chest (14 treatments, 8th one today). The hardest part of this treatment for us has been the traveling (45 minutes to and fro, its takes more time putting gas in the car then to get the treatments :lol:).

Best wishes to you and yours,

Donna D.

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