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Ellen B.

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Hi Ellen,

I want to also give you and Henk a big warm welcome to this support site.

Right now is the scariest part of all, not knowing exactly what you are up against or what is going to happen. Just try to take it one day at a time.

It is not that uncommon (in my experience) for docotor's appointments to go wrong or things to get jumbled up. I don't know why that is, however. But, get used to it. It is part of the frustration. When things go right, it is such a gift!

Try to get copies of everything. Getting ALL doctor's notes can come in quite handy. Get all the reports and read them. Look up words that you don't understand. Get right in the middle of it and get yourself educated as you go. There have been times when I got lazy and did not get notes and paid a small price later. It is best to stay savvy. Keep a place for all of Henk's treatments.

And stay hopeful! Look at all of us surviving on here! There are people who do live with lung cancer everyday.

Cindi o'h

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Just remember that a positive attitude is very important. No one knows how long anyone will live. Cancer is not always a death sentence. As you can see here there are many long term survivers.

As you go along it my be very difficult to keep a positive attitude because of the attitude of people you meet and even the medical staff. They all tend to treat lung cancer patients as "dead men walking". That can really make it hard but they don't know everything. Love, hope and faith can really go along way. Add that positive attitude and don't let anyone stop you from moving forward.

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