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Getting to Know You - September 26


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I always try and think of something I really want and need and give hints in that direction, so I guess most of the time I end up with something practical. With three sons, it is never easy getting a true surprise. I would always have to spread so many hints around to them and to Dennis that I was almost never surprised. This year, I have requested something personal. I gave all of the boys literature from a day spa and suggested they all combine pennies and pick something for me.

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Hmmmm.....interesting....I have such a huge practical side, but then there is that girly, softy, gushy side too. Since my birthday is Christmas Eve, Jim would usually give me practical surprises for Christmas presents, and give me the personal stuff for my birthday. He only shopped one time a year, and that was to buy me presents for Birthday and Christmas. He loved to think of things that would be surprises. And he always said he couldn't go wrong if it was warm, soft, fluffy, and non-binding!

So, I'll vote for personal.


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Having just celebrated my birthday:

I would say


to all of it

I LOVE my birthday.

I love any affirmation.

I love any love

I love any sign of affection

this year I was spoiled rotten and I loved it.

I am very practical so that is fine

I am very mushy inside so any loving note is wonderful

all the loving posts on LCSC were just so very heart warming.

I am very easy to please.


Brian likes anything car related. He is easy, but I see him re-reading cards from the grandkids...........I think that is his favorite part.

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probably personal...I always ask my SO for something, and he never gets it for me...but always gets me something better, that didn't even know I wanted but that I now can't live without (asked for a pair of expensive boots, got a digitial music player, like that). I love gifts that make me feel KNOWN and loved, if that makes any sense.



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I really do not care if it is personal or practical. What I am a stickler on is a card. Not a virtual one but a physical card. I want my family to take the time to find the right card. So far they do this.

Thats make me happy, the gifts are icing on the cake.

Maryanne :wink:

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my family knows to me it is the card that counts to me and their personal messages they always write. As far as a gift, I like something engraved as I feel it was well thought out and very personal. Really anything that shows me the love we share ( be it my son's, hubby or family and friends)is my favorite type of gift. I would much rather give a gift and see that person smile than get one any day!

God Bless,


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I'm normally a very practical person. I would always give a list of very practicle things when asked but it was always the personal things that made me cry with happiness. I always wanted a boquet of roses. In 41 years of marrige I recieved roses only one time. I'm not sure but I think it was for my birthday but I couldn't swear to it.

My last trip to the store before Johnny died he gave me some money and told me to buy a dozen roses. Six for him and six for me. He had gotten red roses from his niece when he got home from the hospital the first time. Those roses were special to both of us and I was happy to buy them for us. When I returned to our apartment after his death the first thing I saw was the roses. They were as black and dead as my heart felt. For his memorial service I bought 2 dozen roses. They were a gift for both of us, a chance to share something special one last time.

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I like something personal, which for the most part I don't get! I would like to get something like a movie pass(just for me) or a day for mom to just be alone! :lol: But, instead I get a vaccuum cleaner, or a crock pot. Now I know exactly how my mom felt all those years of toasters and griddles! She was such a trooper, never said a word!!

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