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Head on down to the Pub, I'm buying the first round!


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Snowflake! This is the best news I've heard all day, and what wonderful news it is!

Cindi, I'll have a glass of white zinfandel with a side of dark chocolate and let's get this place packed for the Biggest Bestest Toast to Snowflake!

Congratulations lady, you have earned this!


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Ooooooooooh, count me in!!! GREAT news, Becky!!! Yes, we should have a big get together to celebrate good news, support those who need it, and bid Ginny and Addie good trips.

I want something exotic (that I probably won't even like) that looks pretty in the glass!!!!

Good for you, Miss Snowflake. You surely deserve such good news!



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hot diggetty dog, Becky! Scraped by again! Feels great don't it?

Count me in. For the gals who want the pretty drinks, how about Blue Hawaiis served up in hurricaine glasses with a slice of pineapple and a pink umbrella??? Yummy! They do taste good too but don't drink too many...they are not lemonade!!

Congrats, Snow. I will tally your bill as soon as the crowd clears.. that should be a few days from now!! Party on... 8)

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