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Paying for Treatment


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Hi Everyone,

I met my Mom's radiation oncologist today and i really like him--he's postive and not a "Debby Downer". She'll start radiation and chemo. concurrently next week. But i have a question for you. She has NO health insurance and is now unable to work. Any suggestions on what we can do to pay for this? Any ideas on how much this costs? Thanks! Have a good day!

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apply for Social Security and Social Security Disability asap! Check with your State's department of Health and Human Services to see what kinds of assistance your Mom may be qualified for. I know here in California she would have more available to her than I do through my medical insurance. (No joke. I can't tell you how many times I've been told that I would have been much better off if I could find a way to qualify for MediCal/Cal Med.

Contact the Medical Social Worker at the clinic or hospital where your Mom will have treatment to see what programs they have available for the uninsured. And also, find out the names of the chemo drugs she will be given, find out who manufactures those drugs, contact the company to see if they have programs where they provide the chemo meds and drugs to help with side effects at no cost to those who have no medical insurance.

wishing you well.

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