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new printer!

cindi o'h

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I have been having my ups and downs emotionally since surgery a month or so ago. Also, that was the time of Beth's death. Don't know what the "cause" of this upheaval is, it just is. I have been trying very hard to stay connected to my emotions. For me, that is the way through it and then I will get better. Granted, this is not severe, not anywhere near, just not my perky little self. Not steadily anyway.

Today, I had a good day. I haven't been feeling too well physically either. Very SOB with the asthma flare and all. I needed to go to the City today. On the way, I stopped and vacuumed out the front seat floor of my car. What a pit! Popcorn, gravel, wrappers, receipts, change..you name it, it was there. I took my time and felt very accomplished when I finished! Progress!

While in town, I stopped at the store to look at printers/copiers again. I wanted to get the kind that has the built-in wireless so that will make for a neater set up.

While I was making the purchase, I was asked if I wanted to buy an extended warranty for $10 per year up to 3 years. I said, "yes." I bought all 3 years!!!!!!!!!

It took me about 10 seconds to realize the impact of what had just happened. It made me so happy. In my inner being, in all of my cells, I am still believing that I am going to be kicking in 3 years. What gift that is...just to believe it.

Then I smiled because I knew that I would be telling all of you about it. And that you would "get it".

Just wait, though, I bet that printer breaks down in October of 2008!! :wink:

love, cindi o'h

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I have been wondering if you were in the dumps, not feeling wel, or just very busy. Thanks for the update. I think it is great that you bought the warranty. My mom planned a jewelry making party for her, her best friend and me on November 10th and I was elated. My parents are also planning to go to St. Louis over Thanksgiving to visit with my stepdad's family. It's nice to make plans and see them come to fruition, as I know yours will! Take care of yourself and good luck keeping your car clean, mine is a mess!

Love, Lori

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You will always have that wonderful, caring spirit. You will be here for a very very long time, no doubt about that. You just keep that fighting mode going.

When you feel up to it, maybe you can talk to your old Doc about talking to patients. Besides the fact of giving them hope, this would be very uplifting for you also.

Glad you got your car cleaned out. That is giving me the insentive to do mine. :)

Take care my friens, be safe.

Maryanne :wink:

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Way to go Girl. That's positive thinking at it's best. Know how you felt. I had the same feeling when I bought a fall application of crabgrass control for the lawn for next year. The thought crossed my mind, momentarily, that I may not be around to see the results. Then I woke up and kicked myself. We'll all be here with bells on, fighting this freakin beast. Nuff said. Take care and God Bless.

PS: The bass are jumping in the boat up here. Had a great week last week BaSS FISHIN.


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Cindi, you are not your usual perky self and have had that horrible asthma flare-up and you STILL find the energy to vacuum out the car???!!! I'm ordering up the Cindi pill next time I go to the doctor!

Your positive spirit and feisty humor help us all get up in the morning and do it all again. Perhaps you will allow us to give you a boost now and again. I'm holding you up high and I feel a whole lot of other people holding you up too!

You'll be rockin' long after that printer has bit the dust. I would bet my first born on that! Wait.... I don't have a first born, but I will offer up a dog-child or two.

You take care of yourself,


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Cindi: this was a nice story about hope. I think it is especially nice that you took the warranty without a moment's thought about the implication. I hope the athsma stays away. I just got through stacking my winter's firewood and that gave me a sense of satisfaction. Of course, I took a lot of breaks while I was doing it.

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Funny how "profound" little acts become once you've been dx'd with cancer. That would have struck me later, too. I am so glad your instinctive response was to say "yes" to that warranty (and to the very real likelyhood you'll be around to renew it!)

Here's to happier days coming soon,


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