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Getting to Know You - September 27


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LOL - Don, I STILL do that! (Of course now, I make sure all the drapes are pulled...)

I miss touching my toes and being able to run a mile, no matter how slow. RUN a mile, not pant through one, not struggle, RUN...

I miss being able to buy off the rack and have something FIT! Life before curves was easier, far easier...

Notice, I'm NOT saying how much I miss wearing my hair messy, saying whatever pops into my mind and dancing in the rain - I still do all those things! Some things in life are just too important to miss out on...

I miss some of the lessons I learned after childhood, that sometimes goodbye is forever and that hurt feelings heal slower than physical hurts.

Oh, I DO miss the whole notion of summer vacation and two months (like I just had, LOL) of nothing but fun and sunshine and bugs and fish and lightning bugs and fireworks and campfires and roasted marshmallows...

But hey, somethings about being grown up are great, too - my mom and I have an entirely new relationship now that she's not ALWAYS on me to drink all my milk and eat my vegetables... :wink:

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