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overload!!! later after I have calmed down a bit...update


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Pat! I just got home from work, read your post, and then spotted your update. How are you doing this? You are so amazing and caring. But I'm very worried about you.

I'm happy Lori is helping with Ruby and let's hope that Home Health gets to hopping high and quick and can get Ruby back to her place, both for her comfort and your relief.

Brian is going to the doc Thursday so sputum talk is right around the corner. (Jim would go days with 102, 103 degree fever and forbid me to call the doctor. Agony.) So, one more day and you will get an answer.

You know, my work life suffered a lot. But most people (even those we work with and for!) have incredible understanding of the trial you and Brian are going through. If muddle is the best you can muster for that right now, that is okay. You are focusing on the right thing. I don't know how Brian feels, but Jim would get upset if he thought my work life was suffering. He knew I needed my job and felt guilty about the disruption. I would try to tell him that I would worry about my job and that there was nothing more important in my life than him. Don't think he ever agreed with me, but we still have to tell them!

So, grandma is resting, Brian is lovely and loving, and Lori will be back to help. That should mean that you are soaking in a hot bath, sipping some tea, and taking deep breaths. I hope you put the big fluffy towels out by the bath before you got in so you don't have to run through the house naked searching for them. But then again, that could be fun too.

I won't pester you but you have my numbers if I can provide help in any way.

Take care of yourself Pat,


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"Please pray that I will do better"?

Honey, you know you can't become a saint while you are still alive, right? You couldn't possible do better. I'll pray that you are taking care of yourself, too. I'll pray for some peace for all of you. I'll pray for at least one blessed moment without stress for you.

I think if you do any better, you will start to glow!

Whatta gal. Take care of you, OK?

:) < Kelly

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Dearest Pat,

I wish there was something I can do to lighten your load. But at least from your previous post there is some good news as far as you MIL goes. I pray for her back to feel better.

I will continute to pray for Brian to feel better. He is going through so much and I will continue to send him meditation prayers and keep my candle lit for him.

Please know that you both are in my thougths. You are his strength and I know that his love for you gives you the strength to cope when it is so hard.

You have so many prayers going out to him. Please believe that a change will come soon and Brian will be feeling better.

Please take care of yourself. Remember G-d will only give you what you can handle. He helped you with your MIL when you felt so overloaded. Keep that wonderful positive "additude" you have and always shown toward others.


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Even though I don't "know" you, I believe you are a very strong woman. Remember, God won't give us more than we can handle. I truly admire your strength and your genorisity and He is watching you and all the selfless things you are currently doing.

Just know we are all thinking, caring and praying for you.



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I'm so late to this post, but I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you. You really do have your hands full right now. But, as others have said....god only gives us what he knows we can handle.

One step, one day at a time. You will get overwhelmed, how could you NOT? But, we are all here cheering you on and wishing there was more we could do to help you.

We will be waiting patiently for the good news after Brians appt tomorrow. In the meantime, hang in there. Don't ever doubt yourself. You are a strong, loving, caring woman and you can do this!!!

Now, no more reports of not sleeping. Got it?


Melinda :D

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I'm so sorry that I missed this until now. Hopefully things are getting better. I'm not sure if anyone said, but UTI's can cause confusion in elderly people. I remember that from nursing school. :wink: Anyway...I hope Brian is feeling better and you are getting a break here and there! You certainly deserve one! Of course the thoughts and prayers are coming at you all!

Take care,


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WOW!!! Someone must really think your Wonder Woman. In the words of Helen Reddy, I am Woman Hear me Roar!!!

Put on your game face and push through this. You know you can...(even if you don't want to)

Tough times...seems like you've reached a new definition.

You'll of course be in our thoughts. Brian and his mother too.


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Hi Pat. I would put money on her problem being a UTI. The confusion is the key. When I was working in assisted living anytime a person became confused or their behavior made a drastic change we would get a urine sample. Almost 100% of the time there would be a UTI. If a person has any dementia it can really be serios. Add your mother in law's pain and I would say that is certainly an emergency situation.

I agree that most people treat the elderly very badly. It is just so wrong. They have a whole lifes worth of experience and so much that we could all learn from them. I love working with elderly people. After all we will be old someday. Some people just don't want to be around older people because it is a constant reminder of that :!:

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