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Twelve Months Ago Today


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July 30th, 2002. A day my family and I will never forget. The family dr called to tell my Buddy that his x-ray showed a spot on his upper left lung and that it was probably cancer. That he needed to have a biospy as soon as possible.

These 12 months have been to say the least, very hard as you all know from your own experiences, but, he is still here and holding his own for the time being so I am greatful for that. There have been many on this board who were not able to share their loved ones for this length of time and my heart hurts for them....

Today we celebrated,- - we went to one of the 000 boats for lunch. We both had a very nice time. He was feeling somewhat better even though he had his first treatment of Taxotere yesterday. I sure thought he would be spending the day in bed and not out running around with me...what a great surprise..(of course he slept all the way back). Cancer or not, he would have done that anyway...

So I leave this message now with the hope that all on here and everyone in the world who is going through this tough disease have at least another day when the sun shines brightly on us and our loved one....God Bless

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Great post!!! Good to go out and celebrate glad he wa up to it. The 000 boats are a great outing for me. There is none here in the Atlanta area, but when I go home to the metro Chicago area I always go to one. In Florida where I lived for 15 years and left last year, I used to go frequently (at least 2x per month). Got on the bus with the other little ole ladies my grandaughter use to say, Grandma, there is the bus with your friends :lol: !!

It is just good to here someone beating the odds and able to celebrate it. Nice words of encouragement...

((((((((((((hugs to you both)))))))))))))


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I respond very infrequently to your posts and I don't know why. I love reading your posts and your responses to others. They are so full of wisdom and love.

May I congratulate you and your Buddy for the first of many anniversaries of July 30th.

Did you win or lose??????

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We didn't go on the boat, to much smoke at noon time. When we go for 000, we usually go around 9am and only stay for about 1 hr. We are not real gamblers. Like my husband tells everyone, if we loose $20 we cry, if we win $20 we dance. All joking aside, he has always been lucky at 000. (he got me didn't he). He doesn't win big, but has only walked away losers once in the past few years we have had the boats around....he usually wins about $70 and I usually loose $20. We have fun in our small way....

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How great to celebrate! I found that while undergoing chemo treatments (and I was on Taxotere at one point) that my best days were just after treatment. I always thought it had something to do with the pre-drugs they give you. Retiring from the Nevada Gaming Control Board after 25 years, 000 wouldn't be my form of celebration...too much like work! But, by the same token, I know many, many people who find it one of the best forms of recreation. Whatever makes you smile and dance!



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Norme and Buddy,

HAPPY HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! What a wonderful story. Norme, thank you SOOO much for sharing it with us. Like so many others on this board, I too just LOVE reading your posts. So glad to hear Buddy did good with his new chemo! Way to go BUDDY!! He's a fighter, and a WINNER!! So, happy you both had a good time today! Here's to many many more!!! And when it comes to 000, I'm like you are Norme, I lose $20 or $40 and then I just go sit and watch my Hubby win it back!! :roll: I refuse to give them more then $40.00! 8)

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Dear Norme and Buddy-

I'm late posting to this strand as we have been gone again, but want to add my felicitations to everyone else's. Your original post was so very poignant. I always appreciate how much love and support and wisdom you offer others. Your heart is ALWAYS in the right place, so please know that you and Buddy are in ours, too.

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Hello Norme & buddy;

Congrats on your 1 year, :lol::lol: , Love your post, :lol: , We take each day as as God gives it and make the most of it. You certainly did.

Congrats and keep it up.

God bless and stay well

Bobmc - NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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