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Sorry for not posting!


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Well I would like to start off by saying my mom celebrated her 46th birthday on the 25th of Sept. It was wonderful. We had a surprise birthday party for her with all her kids and grandkids and friends and she was so surprised happy and of course emotional :D What a wonderful day it was for us to set aside the thoguht of what we have dealt with in this last year.

However, I have this overwhelming fear constantly about the beast returning or something else happening because things seem so great now.

I went to doctor today confirmed for the 3rd time it is a girl. Pregnancy going fine. Can't help but to have my fears about this also due to my son being 10 weeks early and weighed only 3lbs. 6oz. they don't know why so my nerves constantly are going wether it is the baby, my mom or me. Things just seem to be more frightnening to me now then ever.

Thank everyone for all the support that has been offered and not a day goes by that I don't appreciate it.


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I have been meaning to write to see how the pregnancy is going :) I am glad that it is going well.

I know your fears and anxieties, mine have been out of control lately and it is just no fun and takes such a toll on you physically.

Take care of yoruself!

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So good to hear from you and glad to hear your mom had a wonderful birthday celebration. So it's a girl. I think that's just great. I had three boys and wanted a little girl but I thought it was time to stop or I would have my own baseball team. Please keep us posted on how things are going.

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Hi Heidi,

Welcome back. Thanks for the good news about your mom and that your pregnacy is going well.

Stop being such a worry wart!! Relax and enjoy your pregnacy, eat what you like and me merry!!

Good to hear from you,

Maryanne :wink:

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Happy Birthday to your Mom!

I know how hard this is to do, but please work very hard to enjoy your pregnancy and not allow the fears to cloud what should be a time of happiness for you. Being afraid that something bad may happen isn't going to affect whether or not something bad happens. Worrying isn't going to change anything...except to add extra stress hormones into your system. Really, if it means going into therapy to find a way to deal with all you are dealing with then I hope you will consider doing so. You, your baby, your Mom will all benefit from a less stressed out YOU.

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