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Cabana boy hall pass


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Need a cabana boy HP from Thurs. 28th thru Oct. 8th. 8)

Our wonderful kids (bless their hearts) booked a cruise to the Bahamas for our anniversary, then we are going to my brothers in Port St. Lucie, Fla. for 4 days. Joel has not seen his new home yet. It is georgeous.

Can't wait for me and Joel to get away, it was such a tough year. But thank G-d with the best results.

My niece who also lives in Port St. Lucie ( my brothers daughter) is due with her first child (Samantha) on the 22nd. We are hoping that maybe she will go early, so we can get to see our great niece.

I could use some prayers for no hurricanes... :shock:

Maryanne :wink:

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Port St. Lucie is about an hour south of me, Maryanne. This sounds like a great getaway! I know you will have a ball. The weather is really pretty good here right now. The rains have slowed down and it has actually started to cool down a bit in the evening. I hope you have a wonderful cruise and visit with your family. Also hope that baby decides to make a well timed entry into this big ole world!

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Okay Maryanne, does this Cabbana Boy really know when your coming? :? In your post you said you were leaving on "Thursday the 28th" Are you SURE your leaving Thursday the 28th? Today's the 28th and tomorrow is Thursday and your still posting on the board TODAY. :?:?:? Did you start tipping a few a little early that you might be confused with the days and date? :P Or are you just hungover from being at Cindi's Pud yesterday? The brain has some fuzzies! :wink::P

Have fun!

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