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Away we go again.

Frank Lamb

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Howdy Ry,I hate to be a pain in the duppa,however the only way I was able to get my one daughter and son-in-law to fly to Virginia Beach a couple of weeks ago was to promise them Connie and I would fly out to visit them.(we have never gone there yet)and I am a man of my word.

That being said,Connie,Me and my confused bowels & confused kidneys will be going to visit them from Sat.the 1rst of Oct. to the 8th of Oct.

To all of you living between Pa. and California watch out for strange drippings and droppings coming from high flying jumbo jet planes.Hats and or head pieces may be in order.

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Wow Frank...with that request I don't know what the heck pass to give you. The depends pass, the Imodium pass..the California bathing beauty pass??? How about the plane pass? Comes stocked with everything you need.

Have a wonderful time with your family and be careful flying over Oklahoma. :roll:

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OH yeah Frank, be veryyyyyyy careful flying over Oklahoma. I will be in the back yard with the flying chicken launcher...

Good thing Oklahoma is nowhere enroute between Pennsylvania and California for crying out loud RY...I am the one that SUCKS at geography and even I know that!!!!

Enjoy your trip Frank and don't worry, you will fly fine!!

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I am flying to Dallas Ft worth for a layover.The airlines has gotten a special pass from the gov.allowing us to pass directly overhead of Debi.

I am also permitted to drop as much toilet paper as I like in order to TP peoples houses.I'm not sure which house is Debi's but I'll be on the lookout for Ford Explorers and flying chicken launchers.Ha,Ha.

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Just found this, Frank. And you are one lucky dude. I actually have a fully operational Chicken Chucker (Compliments of Andrea), with extra Chicken Missiles. On the package it states the range to be 15 feet, but I live near Lompoc, California, home to the Launch Site for anything headed towards Polar Orbit. And one of my brothers really is a Rocket Scientist.

Hope you and your tummy and your wife and your kids all have a wonderful visit with one another.

I would like to suggest we buy large umbrellas in the event of strange showers raining down from above. :wink:

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