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Thank you all so much!


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For your help, encouragement and support yesterday. I took all of your suggestions to heart, and as a result, my SIL and I came up with a solution. My SIL is sending a summary of everything that was discussed at my FIL's dr appointment yesterday, and after that she is including a paragraph about how after talking with mom and dad we feel it is important that someone be with them at appointments and also that they have regular help around the house. We have been able to cover most everything to date, but with work and family schedules we need help. We laid out the upcoming schedule, and emphasized the importance of working together for a long term schedule to make sure that they have the help they need and that no one gets overwhelmed with too many responsibilities.

We shall see how it works! I think we were able to word it so that we demonstrated how much we have done to date, and how many things are yet to come, without saying anything that could remotely offend anyone - there is nothing that they can argue with.

Wish us luck!!

Thanks again!

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