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I'd just like to write to say.. I'm still alive and kicking! LOL It's been over 2 years since I was diagnosed with SCLC limited.. wow, seems like forever!

I've been reading the board but haven't been replying and for that I am sorry! I've been on a "pity party" for a long time now, it's time I stopped that and started the "I'm alive" party!

I've been trying to think if I have any words of wisdom to add, sorry.. I don't. What I do have to share, are my experiences. I was lucky. Plain and simple; God was looking out for me, as always. I was diagnosed after open-heart surgery when they found a lump under the surgery site. Kept telling them it was still hurting but finally my doctor took a real close look at other possiblities other than the obvious. Found it.. wasn't very big but causing alot of problems and pain.

He set me up an appt. the next day with the lung dr. He ran alot of tests and had to wait out the weekend for results. Came for the results on the following Monday, found out the bad news.. He sent us to the Cancer Dr. right after that appt. and after a talk with him, he started me chemo. They didn't waste a moment. I was relieved they were treating it agressively!

As far as the chemo treatment, I tolerated it well with few side-effects. Mostly no energy and that sick to the stomach feeling. Didn't lose my hair.. at the same time I was undergoing Chest radiation.

Then came the good news.. finally. I was NED! Then came the decision of PCI or not. I know this is a personal decision and very hard to advise on. For me, it was the worst one I ever made. or the best.. you just can't tell if it saved you from getting brain cancer or not. The side-effects for me were terrible. I lost my hair.. well so much of it that I had my hubby shave my head. After 2 years only the part that I didn't lose has come back. The rest is thin and feels like I had a bad perm.. fried to say the least.

I lost alot of memory. I work alot on the computer and had to re-learn almost everything. I use to have a very good memory. I've have other health concerns that keeps me from being active. But I am getting around still.. so that is good news.

I don't mean to be down about this.. I really do feel lucky to be alive! I have complete support from my husband who works at home so he can take care of me. Four children and nine grandchildren who are constantly calling (they all live out-of-state). I was able to attend my son's wedding in Boston. Proud moment!

So I hope this brings someone the knowledge that yes, you can fight and win! (Sorry for a long message)

Love ya all,


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So good to see you around these parts again and even better to hear that you're doing so well. I'm glad you tolerated the treatments well and are NED!!! Yahoo!!! As for the memory...join the club! I haven't been through anything near what you've been through and I have CRS syndrome almost every day! Now that you're back, please hang around!

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Thanks so much guys for the good cheer! I'm crotcheting a blanket to help ends meet, so I'm keeping occupied.. :) and I find it calming. It seems that it's taking me longer, but at least I'm still doing something!

My prayers are with each and everyone here!


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