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Hi there all. Just came by to see you all, and tell you I got scanned again today(a little early), and that I am still NED.

WOW!!! I think I need to repeat that. WOW!!!. That makes 8 clean CT scans in a row. Given the odds you have when you are diagnosed 3b(especially without surgery), I am just so terribly grateful. Some simple analysis tells me this thing can still come back and get me, but until (and unless) that happens, I have a life to lead. I have been doing my best to spend time with my girls, and my family, and really appreciate my good fortune.

I hope you all dont mind me stopping by on a quarterly basis. My life is just so darned FULL, that I dont have time to stay on top of the board all of the time. (working 2 jobs to pay med bills) Every time I get a clean scan though, I am prompted to come back to try to put a little ray of hope into someones life who may have had a fairly late-stage diagnosis.

When I was diagnosed during a bronchosopy on January 15 2004, my pulmonologist told my brother that I had "weeks, not months" to live. Gosh, thats cheery.

January 15, 2006 is about the date of my next scan, and I dont think there is much doubt I will make it till then. That is two whole YEARS from the diagnosis! During that time I have gotten my youngest daughter from 16 to 18, employed, and I have had a chance to try to teach her how to look out for herself, 'cause daddy might not be there. Even if it comes back, I got that done. Not being able to look after her while she was so young and they were talking "weeks" was the scariest part for me.

Miracles happen all the time. DON'T give up. Keep fighting, and believe that miracles DO happen.

And I truly believe that my getting up every morning with my almost 2-year girlfriend NED is one of them.




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