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made it through chemo today


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:D:D i made through the chemo today !! thanks connie, what you said worked for me!!!! just kept saying i can do this geesh i think i have finally found the right place :roll: i have nsclc went to the adrenal small mass on top of adrenal getting chemo for that now:P had lung cancer left side behind heart 8cm by 6cm going into both vales of the heart and in center of chest. went through all the scopes and cuts and pets scan, ct scan , the dx aug. of 2004 nonsmall cell lung cancer no surgery to risky so off to chemo and radiation 36 rad. chemo was cisplastin and taxol yep lost all my hair mouth sores and all . then it was all clear no cancer 3 months later a mass pops up :0 yep i had to have a needle biopsy done yep it was cancer mass on adrenal gland so back to chemo. im hanging in there living life a day at a time . :lol:
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Oh Kiddo, I'm glad your chemo went well for you today! You have been through a LOT! WOW!

Yes, you have found the RIGHT PLACE HERE! :wink:

You holler if you need ANYTHING! We're always here to lend a helping hand and lots of TLC!

Keep us posted and stay positive! The best you can!

Sending Positive Vibes your ways!



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