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The Update/Moving/Visitors/Stressed Out Pass


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Well, after 4 interviews, I ended up being offered the job up by my daughter which I subsequently turned down for several reasons too long to type. So, I am staying at the job that drives me crazy but renting a new house here in town.

I have been looking for a house to rent non stop for the last 2 weeks, and am living half out of boxes.

Anyway, I should be moving this weekend if all goes well with my lease signing tomorrow and I can somehow get the utilities on in time (stress, stress and more stress!).

My sister will be in Dallas on business this weekend and just last week remembered that Texas is close to Oklahoma :shock:. She added a couple of days to her trip so she can visit Sunday thru Tuesday. My friend Charles is coming to town Monday through Saturday to visit. Friday, the 7th, the VP is coming down for our quarterly Unit reviews and I have to somehow put all my numbers together for that, which is no small task. Saturday, the 8th, a friend that I grew up with is coming to Dallas and wants to meet up.

So basically, the next week or so should see me plunged into total chaos. After the smoke clears, I will have about 2 weeks to settle in to the new house before my busy season at work begins in earnest.

I hate the fact that I'm going to have guests coming and be so unprepared; I like to have everything "right" and purty. Oh well, its not my fault my family and friends all decided to come to Oklahoma in the same week :shock: , MOVING week, no less!!! Meanwhile, the rest of the year, I'll practically be alone.. go figure!!!

Anyway, no telling when cable will be hooked up for my internet or when I will even have time to log on. Please wish me luck but don't come visit... :wink:

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Yikes!!!, Deb.

bummer about staying at the new job.. that is my disappointment for you.

I am going to think of this situation there as temporary still. I just don't want to think that you will be there forever.

Hope everything turns out to be FUN with your friends/ people.

Order out.

love, Cindi o'h

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My sister and I call your state of affairs feast or famine. It seems to happen alot around here. We go for weeks with a light, nothing to do schedule and then all of a sudden the dam breaks and the water fall nearly washes us away. It will work out somehow and I hope you have some fun while it does. Let them help you unpack and rearrange etc. I'll be thinking about you.


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Sounds like a stressful but fun week.I'll be on the lookout for your sister at the Dallas-Ft.Worth airport as that is were we have a layover for a couple hours.Tell her if she is suddenly hugged and kissed on the cheek not to worry it's only old Frank.

The bad news is that I will be flying over you so be careful when your out in the back yard.(with the flying chicken launcher).

Good luck with the moving,hopefully all your guests will help out.

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