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questions after PET scan


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Hi friends,

Dad had his PET scan results today. It seems the new nodule in the left lung has grown from 9mm to 1.6 cm. over the past 2 months (with no treatment). Not good, but he is still a surgery candidate IF the fluid they saw in his other lung does not contain any cancer cells. What are the chances that the fluid is cancerous? They don't see any tumors/nodules in that lung, just fluid. He finished the radiation on that lung back in February. The doc said it could just be an infection or from the radiation. Anyone have any experience with this? He has to go off his Plavix for one week, go for a blood test next Weds. and then have the fluid tested next Friday. If its not cancer, he will have segectomy on that upper left lung within the next 3 weeks. If it there are cancer cells in the fluid, then the surgery is off and we're back to chemo. Sorry, I'm rambling, mom just called from Hopkins and we're trying to think positive, the fact that he may be a surgery candidate once again is lucky, just a little worried about the fluid thing. Any input would be appreciated.


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sorry Tammy,

just saw your post..wish I would have seen it earlier.

I have had many thoracentesis to remove fluid and not once have cancer cells been part of the report!!

The theory is that some little hangy down thingy was damaged during radiation and it is leaking fluid into my lung. I recently had a plerodesis to prevent the fluid from building up, but I think the procedure may have failed.

I did some reading on the internet about plerual effusions. It seems as if lung cancer comes up as a culprit frequently. Also trauma. But, they didn't mention radiation damage the the shut off valve, like I had.

Hope your dad has something very similar to me and that there is no cancer in that effusion.

Please keep us all appaised. I will be watching for this, now that i know.

If you have any questions, please pm me..happy to help!

Cindi o'h

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