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After 9-30 no more insurance > Update...


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I first discussed this on the sclc page but feel it is better talked about here. If you've read what i've written on the sclc page i hope i do not go over it to much. To put all in a nut shell the state of kansas told my wife thursday that as of 9-30 that would be her last day of insurance coverage. Well needless to say that put us in a almost panic mode. We checked out the possibility of medicaid and quickly found out were part of the evil rich (me on SS and her on disibility). So after taking my dog for a walk this morning it struck me like a lightning strike, hey stupid call the state offices and talk to those in charge as i know from past experiences that as thing's go down through the beaucratic jungle confusion reigns.

Well i was correct as after talking to them and all the wife has not lost her coverage. What has happened is starting next month (october) she will be direct billed in other word's the state no longer pay's for her insurance. We back in August signed paper's to remove me from coverage as i start medicare part's A and B in October. So because of all the paper work being shuffled around they do not have the signed document's that remove me from the insurance so they are rushing new paper's to sign to us and that will take $423.00 a month from the wife's insurance and i'll buy supplemental insurance for $97.00 a month which will cover all medicare does not pay and that is over $300.00 a month less than if kept on wife's insurance. Now let's hope it's all straightened out......

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Good thinking, Larry! (Dog walking has long been recognized as a boost to creative thinking! :D Second only to daydreaming during boring meetings!)

I'm so glad things will be easier than you feared and that the awful fear of treatment costs doesn't have to be a burden to either of you.

A big pat on the back to you!


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Larry, I'm so glad you had the presence of mind to make the necessary calls and get this straightened out. Nothing can be scarier than worrying about the loss of medical coverage when you desperately need it! Hope everything is totally fixed!

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Thank's all for your thought's and word's. One thing good did come out of all this and that is we did what we've been putting off for far to long. And that is the wife for year's has alway's wanted to do the prepaid funeral so we went and did that, and we both felt considerable relief knowing that the funeral is set the way we want it, and the pressure of tackling such a thing at such a sad time is out of the way. Then last nite after Mass our pastor (priest) did a anointing for the sick for my wife and he was so sincere that it was a very moving experience. I could see a glow on my wife's face from the word's and prayer's said for her during the anointing. He was so gentle yet honest as he told us that he has seen people get better after the anointing but sadly in most cases it goes to the next stage. But he pray's that our soul's recieve the peace and exceptance that can be so difficult for some. Just wanted to share and please if any of you eat any cabbage stay home......

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