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On posts being moved ...one person's thoughts

Laura Ann

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I know I don't post often, but I do read often and I do appreciate the web-site and what it has done for so many of those affected by this terrible disease.

I would like to post my opinion regarding Curtis being upset about his post being moved to a different forum other than the one he intended it to be on. I don't blame Curtis for being upset. I would have been a little miffed myself had that happened to me. If every single post was scrutinized for making sure it was in the "correct" forum, more would be moved. Now I am going to say something that I do not want anyone to take the wrong way, but lately it seems like there have been many topics that are more on the lines of "fun and games". I have no problem with this at all, my only point is that it is posted under the "general" forum that comes under the heading of Lung Cancer catagories. As I said, I have no problems with this. I do however, believe that for the first time visitors or relatively new users this can seem to take away from the legitimacy of the site. Maybe there needs to be a forum for "off the topic" or "long time members forum" for side-bar conversations.

These are just my thoughts and observations. I am just trying to put myself in the place of someone finding this site for first time and really needing answers and support regarding lung cancer. Please I have to say this once again, I have no problem with anyone's post. I just felt compelled to respond when I saw that Curtis' post was moved because it was viewed by one of the moderators as being in the wrong forum.


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Katie, Rick and Board of Directors--please feel free to delete my post if you feel it is not appropriate.

My personal opinion is that first timers reading will see that people can be afflicted with this disease and still have some fun :)However, my personal opinion is pretty much moot because it is up to the Board of Directors what posts go where.

That said, having been involved a bit behind the scenes, I was shocked to learn just how much work and effort and time Katie and Rick and others have to put into keeping this website running. Unfortunately, in the process, some people may not like how things are done. There is just no way to keep everyone happy. It is an impossibility :(

I suggest that in the future, should anyone wish to voice an opinion on how the website should be run, or suggestions for new forums, etc,the appropriate path would be to PM Katie, Rick, or any Director. This avoids any debate or controversy on the website that may turn off newcomers.

We all have a common goal here--lung cancer support! :)

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I just wish to share this post with all of our wonderful members below.





Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2005 7:34 am Post subject: Forum Moderators

We are going to do alot of forum "clean-ups" starting Monday.

Nothing will be deleted, however, many posts will be moved to their appropriate forums.

Just giving everyone a heads up.



- Katie Brown -


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I agree with you regarding the fun stuff. Maybe the "Just for Laughs" forum should be renamed "Just for Fun" and games as well as jokes could be placed there.

I support Curtis' idea that most people don't read the grieving section - I didn't see his first post that was moved to the "Grieving" forum until after his second post in the "General" forum mentioned it. There was a disclosure paragraph at the top regarding content and it did leave a reader the option of hitting the back button and not reading the post.

I also see the "no-win" situation with whatever action is or isn't taken. Ya just can't please all the people all of the time...

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The fun posts started to come in during a very very difficult time here. We lost and were losing some very dear people. Those posts were started for a specific purpose (to save us from despair) and I don't know about anyone else but they sure have worked for me. I have really enjoyed learning about all my comrades here. I enjoyed the "injection" posts by Katie and I love Ann's daily question...but that's me. For others, I know they consider them "off topic". If I were a new person, they would be an added plus, not a detriment to the site.

I don't know how many times I have read that people are leaving due to the sadness on the board. That's why we have those posts. They aren't for fun...they're for sanity.

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I think Ry hit the nail right on the head. We *NEEDED* those light-hearted posts to keep us going when things were really rough.

I don't think they take away from the supportive atmosphere at all. In fact, I think it adds to that atmosphere as we all learn a little bit more about one another other than cancer related stuff.

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Hey everyone it say's General and i take that to mean just about any thing . I for one enjoy all the variety of this site. As for newbies i can not imagine them having a problem with what is written on this site. I really think the discussion about Curtis should be discussed just as with any thing else. I like other's who participate or write their feeling's and thought's have been upset with those who disagreed with me, but guess what that too has passed. As for those who are only interested in dealing with this GOD awfull desease i'm sure they don't bother with the lighter stuff. As far as i'm concerned if some one want's to write about how Cabbage make's them pass gas i don't have to read it but for those who would like to know how it smelled they would want to read it . I think i'll end on this thought {We all need to relax and enjoy what we enjoy }..............

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I agree with Ry. Those "fun" posts were very helpful to me. It was very depressing at the time. Ann: I love the questions, which help us get to know each other. But, I can see the other point of view also. We need to keep new members in mind all the time and being inclusive. I have always felt like that is being done here. FYI, I actually left another website because they just talked to each other and not to new members.

I personally think this is the best support group on the net! I felt welcome from the first day and always have...even when I was whining, scared, depressed, happy, celebrating, quiet and unsupportive, etc. Our friendships are very special! Take care.

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I agree with Andrea. If you got a problem with Management, tell Management, not the rest of the world. This only tends to stir up the people on the board and invites the all out warfare that happened this week.

I think a "Newbie" would be more turned off by the arrogance and attempts at intimidation shown this week than the light hearted stuff in the General Forum. If you don't like it, don't read it.


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shockingly, I don't have a strong opinion on the moving-posts issue. I trust our fearless leaders to know how we can all best co-exist here.

honstly, I chalk alot of this up to curtis' devastation at realizing how long his beloved wife has been gone. his posts about her are just heartbreaking. unfortunately, a couple people responded to his feelings on being moved, which can not be severed from his sadness and heartache (no fault to te responders, either, it's just what happened) and it all escalated. it's just one of those yucky things that happens when hundreds of people who probably would not otherwise hang out come together for a common purpose. this place is close to perfect, but not utopia.

I, personally, need the getting to know you stuff. I felt like a bull in a china shop for a long time here - I felt needy, pessimistic, whiney. still, I needed what this site has to offer for my mom and me. it was so, so useful to feel just a little bit more familiar with the people here, outside of our common struggle with LC. now, I trust a handful of them (you) to really know where I am coming from, what my intentions are, and when I am just plain buggin'.

I've also made some friends for life, based on commonalities that I never would have known existed without the "fun stuff". I personally try to keep my LC posts/mom related info to the proper forums - NSCLC, updates, etc. - and stuff about me to the caregivers/general forum.

all of that aside, this site possesses a strong spiritual aspect which, if we allow it to, will support us in treating each other with love, respect and tolerance. ultimately, I think that's what we all want. I pray to be of use to god. I pray for a generous heart. I believe that "nothing, absolutely nothing, happens in god's world by mistake" and I try to live there, instead of in amie-land.

maybe the best thing in the world for curtis was to disconnect from this place, but he needed a push.

all I know is, love is all you need.

I would be so lost without this site. so thank you.



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I agree with Ry. Those "fun" posts were very helpful to me. It was very depressing at the time.

I also agree wit Tina and Ry. I really enjoyed the post. We all need to take a break from "cancer discussion" and laugh together at times. Please continue with the "Getting To Know You Posts.

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I'm 'new' here and I think this is a wonderfull support group!

I've visited several other support groups (including Dutch and German support groups) as well.

I was allready sad when I started visiting these groups, but was still more sad after visiting them.

But this group is different. It has a very positive attitude and, sometimes, a 'laugh' or a 'fun' subject. I LIKE IT A LOT! I agree with Jamie, it's good the way it is right now!


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Well...since the subject has been brought up, heres my 2 cents.

I do not and never have gone to any specific forum. Everytime I sign on here I go to "view all unread posts", yup that gives me alot of things I have read before, but its just easier for me. Plus I like to know about everyone. I dont care what kind of cancer you have, if you are having a test, or want to tell a joke, I want to know, and if I dont I dont open it. But to me its all the same common bond...Lung Cancer. So for me to say I wouldnt have "seen" a post because I dont go that that forum does not apply. I feel sure I am not the only one who reads the posts in this manner, but if I am, its not the first time I have been the oddball.

Now the recent "fun and games" posts. When they first came about I was like, I dont believe this, there are places for this, but this is cancer. Then the longer and more they were around i started reading a few and now I even answer a few. Its a nice change, and in a way we are learning more about each other on a somewhat more personal level. So My thoughts on this have changed.

That being said, I think that it needs to have its own place. I dont agree that "Just for Laughs" is it, because sometimes its not at all funny. Funs and Games sounds very appropriate to me. But again I have no clue to the behind the scenes and how this all works. I may not be such an easy thing to do. I do know that Rick and Katie will do as they always have, and that is to try and make this the best Lung Cancer site out there and good for everyone here and those to come.


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After I posted a couple of the Getting to Know You posts, I was approached by several members and asked to continue these daily postings. On several occasions, I have posted questions that were sent to me by other members. I think that these questions give us additional insight into members of this board. Yes, we laugh when posting and reading but if there is no laughter, how are we to all deal with the common bond that ties us all together. Posting these questions has never been done with any disrespect. I feel that I am closer to fellow board members now, as I know more about them.

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Dear Ann,

There have been many times I have had to take a break from this board as there was so much unhappiness. I have even once left a post that I was leaving the board completly, but couldnt do it as I feel so attached to so many people here.

There have been times I have come to the board and only looked for you're getting to know you posts as that was all I felt I could handle that day. I have loved reading them and also contributing to them when I feel I want to and I thank you for that.

Yes, we are all here with the common bond of cancer, which is sad but we form friendships and it is a refreshing break to be able to post and get to know eachother, sometimes with a laugh here and there and isent that worth it? It is to me! I need the lightening up at times as I am sure lots of us do.

Again, I thank you!

God Bless,


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I don't think the "Getting to Know You" series needs to disappear. The thought was that not all posts are placed in appropriate places and maybe the "fun" stuff that has nothing to do with cancer should not be placed in the "General" (cancer) forum. I don't think anyone wants them to end or to disappear, but maybe they should have a home of their very own.

As for someone needing to leave and giving said person a push, no way do I agree with that. One definition of survivor is 'one left to carry on when another leaves this life' and this board is for ALL survivors. I don't want to see ANYONE "pushed" out by other members - if someone chooses to leave, that's their own business, but being pushed out is wrong.

My thoughts,


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I will always be grateful for this site and incredibly grateful for the unselfishness and hard work that Rick, Katie, Connie, and all the other administrators and moderators do to keep this site up and running. There were a few mornings a while back when I was unable to pull up this site ( I found out later that I tried to sign on during maintenence) The sense of loss I experienced at that time was indicative of how important this site and the people that post here have become to me.

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I dont post much, if at all these days, but I am here almost every day. I had felt in the past that some posts were moved selectively. Some have been moved and then some that covered the same topic hadnt been moved. I would say that if posts were to be moved, that it should be consistant within topic.

I have noticed that the GTKY posts have really brought up the moral here and was well needed. However, they have overtaken the general page in my opinon. I am a memeber of many other boards (a mommy board, a fibromyalgia support, weight loss support boards) and the fun stuff was all placed in a seperate place. When I look for boards to be a part of, I look for it to help me with what I went there for and the extras to be in its own place.

I do think the directors here have done an amazing job and this is not an easy topic to deal with on an every day basis. I applaud them and always say to keep up the good work. All in all, it is their board and they can do with what they want.

I know my opinions dont mean much, because i am not an active poster, but I am here in the background thinking of all of you!

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