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On posts being moved ...one person's thoughts

Laura Ann

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I just want everyone to know how much this board means to me. When I come to work every morning the fisrt thing I do is enter every forum and read what I feel is important to me. I am a caregiver to my husband, but will read all the posts I can and learn something from "everyone". However, what I have come to love most is the "getting to know you" posts. I made sure to PM Ann and let her know what they mean to me. Alan had a tough week-end, but remembering the story the last time I laughed so hard it made me cry put me in a great mood this morning. I needed that!!!!!! Thank you to all of you for making this long tough journey a little easier. I would have lost my mind long before now if not for the love and support from this incrediable group of people.


Husband Alan Dx LSCLC Jan 10th 2005

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Just had to pipe up - I leave the board for extended periods of time, but always think about the people I've gotten to know....I check back now and again, to see how people are, I wipe a tear, I smile, I go on.....I may leave for months, but when I feel the pull to come back, I feel right at home, amongst friends.

Thanks to all of you - I never have to pretend here, I can be just who I am, and don't have to make excuses.

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It's probably fair enough to say that some of us have more time to be here than others. Those with some time constraints may do what I do....which is, to mainly check the General Forum. I have found Ann's daily posts to be enormously fun and comforting...and most of you won't be surprised when I say....IF YOU DON'T HAVE A LITTLE FUN WITH CANCER, IT'LL JUST TAKE A TOLL ON YOU!!

I don't think one "fun" post a day takes over the forum. I think these daily posts fit very well into General. To start a brand new forum for fun and games....well, I too visit a couple of other sites. One of them is essentially a board for animal/pet lovers and they must have 15-20 forums by now. Even had one for politics~!! :shock: (My dogs are republican....when they're not being "independent", if you catch my drift! :?:D )

Anyway...the place is impossible to navigate fully. There is even a forum for RODENTS for crying out loud. The political forum was recently closed because of how intense some posts got...and the fact that some people actually left the site over the posted "ugliness".

It was Becky, I think, who said you cannot please everyone all the time. This is exactly right. I think the forum set-up is just fine, our administrators (thank you Rick and Katie) and moderators do a fabulous job....and we all know a little endorphin release is a good thing for us!

Honestly, I rarely visit the Just for Laughs forum...again, because of time constraints. So...a little lightheartedness in General is very welcome to me.

Hey....Cancer isn't ALL there is in our lives, is it? Not until I look in the mirror in the morning do I remember, most days. This bald head is sort of hard to ignore, ya know? :roll:

We are all members...and we all have our own ideas, yes. But if I truly knew all about administering a website....I'd probably have my own. :wink: As it is....I'm more than happy to leave administrative decisions to Katie and Rick. I think they do an excellent job...and I honestly don't think I'd be upset if they moved one of my posts.

Life is too full of OTHER things to get upset about for a moved post to set me off. I mean...how about the fact that every time I leave the den these days, hubby turns the t.v. over to a baseball game? :?:?

Now THAT is upsetting!!! :roll::wink:

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Here's my opinion on the matter. I look foward to reading and responding to the "Getting to know you" post. In fact I just got home from vacation and that is the first post I went to, to view and post. It just makes me feel good. Then I could go on and answer the other post.

It's just breath of fresh air to me. I feel the general section is fine for those posts.

Rick and Katie.... Mega Kuddos....to you both and thank you so much for making this a reality and for all the sweat and hard work that goes into making a successful site like this. It is an awesome site full of so much hope and knowledge.

Also, I would like to thank all the mediators who monitor the site for all their work. It is a very time consuming and big responsibility. I just want them to know that all their time and work has not gone unnoticed.

Maryanne :wink:

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and that includes you Ann. :) Of all the things in this world to complain about and be upset about....please this is crazy. Someone is trying to shed some happiness and diversion on the cancer patients and family. I have other things to worry about, and or complain about in life. This site is wonderful. Please, lets just keep communicating with each other. God bless all of you, Nancy C

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