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Mass... REVISED...update

cindi o'h

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Okay, Fans.

Here's the deal.

As you know, I had surgery for a recurrent pleural effusion the end of Aug. It turned out to be a chylothorax. The surgeon did a VATS procedure and put some talc in their to glue it shut.

Last week I went into the ER because I was having a hard time breathing. Turned out to be asthma flare. Steroids and neb fixed me up okay. Not good. Just okay. While I was there, the doc ordered a portable chest xray. I looked at the film, and it didn't look like my lung. I had just had a chest xray the week before with my surgeon and everything was fine. What I saw on the film looked like a tumor at the apex of my right lung. Couldn't be. No way! The doc said that maybe the round nurses' call button got in the way when the film was exposed. I agreed. Could not be something so huge and so dense to appear.

I got some reports in the mail today from my hospital stay a month ago. I read the daily radiology reports from my daily chest xrays. I didn't like everything that they had to say. So. I decided to get on it and get a re xray today.

I saw the films again. The "mass" is much bigger and even denser than it was last week. It was about 2cm last week. Today, maybe 3to4cm.

Course, they won't let you talk to the radiologist. And the surgeon probably won't call until he gets the film in front of his face. (which I don't blame him). I know for a fact that the radiologist sent off a verbal report to the surgeon, but I really won't expect to hear from him until the courrier has put it in his hands.

Until then, I am somewhat elevated in anxiety. I know that my anxiety level could be worse. On a scale of 1 to 10, I am giving it a solid 3!!! How 'bout that??? 8)

Why do these things happen on Friday afternoons? But, I will bet a doughnut, a chocolate covered doughnut with a lite, that he will see it tomorrow and call me even though it is Saturday! (that's the way he is).

So. J.C.'s got some candles burning for me. And prayers are being said.

I am still SOB, and I am hoping that this is connected with the chylothorax.

Thanks for listening! (Again)

Cindi o'h

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Oh Cindi!!

We all know that Friday afternoon iis the most worst time to get "news" and to be left hanging. That weekend can seem awfully long. I think you should open your pub, have a good "stiff" one, watch several videos and try to enjoy the weekend the best you can.

I'll add my prayers to the many others that I'm sure are coming for a good report.

gail p-m

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Cindi, this is not the wait-to-hear news you need on a Friday afternoon. If there is a silver lining, your rapport with your doctors is so good that I know they will jump on it and get the confusion figured out. In the meantime, please try to get some rest and don't tax your SOB. I'm really impressed with your '3'. You are a true champion.

Take care,


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Oh my gosh, Cindi,

My anxiety level is way higher than a 3, believe me! This is just terrible, terrible news. Now it is the weekend and who knows if you will hear anything before Monday. This just cannot be! All I can do is offer many more prayers and hope that knowing we are out here worrying with and for you will offer some comfort.

Did you have ANY idea something like this was going on? How does something just APPEAR like that? Oh, I have so many questions.....

PLASE PM for any additional support, Cindi.

Love and prayers,


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Prayers coming , lots of them. Why does it always happen on the weekend? Something needs to be done about the helplessness we feel when weekends roll around. Praying he calls you tomorrow with encouraging news. Heading over to the pub to just sit and wait with you. Actually , I'm outside the door and I think I already see Kasey sitting in there. Don't forget we are here for you Cindi.

Love and Prayers,


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oh jeez... I forgot all about the pub!!!


Okay, I will have a stiffy. Haven't had one of those in awhile :P

Say, did any of ya'll watch 3 wishes on NBC tonight??? Had me grinning from ear to ear and sobbing one minute to the next. Just call me "puddles".

I KNOW my surgeon will call me tomorrow. That is the way he is. That is in his gut philosophy. He cares.

Cindi o'h

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Hi Cindi,

I'm so upset to read this. I do hope you're right and that he will call you tomorrow. To me, the hardest part about this disease, or probably any disease that is life-threatening, is the "not knowing". I quickly learned that even if the news is bad, after a day or two of numbness, we were quickly off to the plan of attack and things always looked brighter. But, the time not knowing, at least to me, was pure torture.

The interesting part is that it's torture for all of us, too. It seems that when one of our friends here is going through this waiting and not knowing time, we become anxious as well.

I pray you know something soon.

All my love,


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You say a 3? You are one tough cookie then. Mine is at least a 4 and I am just hearing about it from you. You are always in my prayers but I will add some additional prayers just for you.

I wish I had the kind of relationship with my oncologist that you do with yours. Will be looking for your post tomorrow after you hear from him. Best of luck on the phone call.


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I hope the doctor calls you today and has good news. I admire your ability to get a grip on the anxiety - you know how people say "you're your own worst enemy?" Well, you're your own best friend.

Keep taking good care of yourself, have another stiff one, share some more jokes, and put your ear to the window. Hear that mumbling sound? That's all of us praying and asking good things for you!

No one can serpentine like you, Cindi!



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