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Mass... REVISED...update

cindi o'h

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TERRIFIC news, Cindi!!!!! I can't wait to hear about your conversation with the doctor. MORE good news, I hope! If you don't hurry up and look up what all those terms mean and let us know I will have to do my own search for them. I must admit....have NO idea what any of them mean.

Thank you, God , for this bit of sunshine today.



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Cindi girl, this is the post I was looking for today! You have come through with the bestest of news. Get to the Websters and with your Doctor and let us know what new ground you are breaking here.

I tell ya, always out in front of the pack!

Great news. Kick up those girly shoes and yank that stress level back down.

Take care of yourself,


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Cindi, This is wonderful news!!! I knew you were much too quiet yesterday and you were making my anxiety level rise also. I'm just so happy to hear this... just knew it couldn't be cancer. Whatever this thing is Cindi, I know you will do whatever you have to do to deal with it. OMG, I am so relieved to hear this... the tears are falling down my face...

Love and Prayers,


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Talk about a big sigh of relief! Cindi, I am so happy for you. Now if we can just figure out what this fibrothorax thingy is and get that all taken care of.....

Oh and by the way, I'm just going to let all my loved ones "fight" over what I leave them.....MY BILLS!!!! HaHa! :P

Keep us updated!


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I am so happy and relieved for you!! Great news!! And, yes, I did the same thing with the will and who gets what and all I was doing was getting a CT chest scan and a breast biopsy (and I don't even have cancer).

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