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Med Onc Appointment Today

Fay A.

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Met with my local Med Onc today. She has a very detailed report on the pathology of the tumor removed 3 weeks ago. This new one is a very different form of Adenocarcinoma and nothing at all like the BAC tumors from the past. So she feels confident that Tarceva has kept the BAC under control, and wants me to go back on the drug once we get the gastric bleeding under control again.

Since this newest cancer is a more aggressive critter she wants me to go on one of the platinum drugs along with one of the Taxanes, but we are both in agreement that I need another 4 weeks of healing before I undertake conventional chemo again.

I'm not healing as quickly or as well as I have in previous surgeries. I'm older. I'm a little more "frail" than I once was. :roll: Man, how I hate to admit to THAT! And I am also still dealing with the injuries and consequences of those injuries sustained when the biopsy of the tumor went so terribly wrong back on August 17th.

For those of you on Tarceva I hope you are as encouraged as I am by the idea/thought that Tarceva has kept my BAC cancer at bay for 9 full months. Everyone seems to believe that I am dealing with a Stage I Adenocarcinoma not related to the BAC at all. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they're all correct. LOL

Now...back to house remodel from Hades.

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I am encouraged, Fay. Hope news continues to be positive and that a respite to heal some will be beneficial.

I will be very anxious to hear just what the onc will order this time. I am thinking of you often and praying too. Please keep us posted on treatment plans as well as your pursuit of resolution of your radiology reports of the past.

Warm, warm thoughts and hugs, Fay,


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Dear Fay,

You always amaze me at your ability to put a light spin on a scary subject. Reading between the lines, I see that you are facing a very tough time, kiddo. You have continually been in my prayers, Fay. Please know how much I care.

On the remodeling issue, I'm in that business now myself and enjoying it very much. It has really helped me a lot through this grieving time and given me something to look forward to and kept my mind busy. I don't even mind dealing with some of the problems that have already crept in. I think maybe I will make my house my "hobby", so Ann, if you're reading this, I now have something to add to your hobby question.

My neighbors on one side of me were pretty close to Don and me, but they have kept their distance since I started the remodeling. I'm sure they think I have lost my mind, and as Scarlet said, I frankly don't give a d___ what they think. I'm only telling you all this because I think it's remarkable that in spite of your illness, you continue to remodel your house and work on your dreams - and I'm sure there are probably people in your life that think you're crazy for doing it, too.

I love your spunk! I love your desire to "keep at it" as best you can. And last, I just love your whole attitude toward life and living it to the fullest. You are one remarkable lady.

Love and hugs,


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You may be more frail in body, but you have every bit as much vim and vigor as always in all other areas.

So... does this mean a new primary? I don't like the sound of that. I do like the sound of it being Stage 1 and hopefully wiped out by surgery and this next regimen. And the success of the Tarceva is great news.

You've been through so much lately, Fay! I'm so impressed, as always, with your attitude and drive to keep on trucking through this with grace and poise and positivity.

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Glad to hear the Tarceva is still working for you but sorry that you have to go on a new chemo; hope your healing picks up some speed-- I know what you mean about this aging process slowing us down. I'm sure you've found some good pursuits to fill your time while you're healing.

Continuing to send prayers your way.

gail p-m

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Well Miss Fay,

Always alot to think about when it comes to you!

You may have tee'd off your radiologist group, but sounds like you hit the jackpot with your onc. and pathologist!

I like that there is a detailed report and a thoughtful plan. How about you?

Many good wishes going forward for a very courageous woman!

love, Cindi o'h

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fay, you are the trouper of all troupers. it's crapola that you have be a trouper AGAIN, though. I am glad to hear your response to Tarceva is good, mom took her first one yesterday...

as for the new evil bugger and treatment plan, my money continues to be on you.

love and prayers, as always.



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You continue to amaze me with your fighting spirit. You are anything but frail, maybe just a little weaker. :wink: I am glad the Tarceva did not fail.

Good luck with the remodel...I love home projects when they're all done, but the getting there isn't easy.


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Tarceva has kept my BAC back for nine months, so I'm a believer, too!

One day at a time, one step at a time, one chicken at a time! 8) What else can we do?

I've got you in my thoughts,


P.S. "Frail" and "Fay" don't belong in the same sentence. Recovering from the first blow is always easier than recovering from the tenth blow. Most people would have felt "frail" after the second blow! You're stronger than you know.

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Frail...pish, tush...don't believe it for a moment. Fay, you're the indomitable one, and despite the little setbacks, your progress shows it. So what's a little more chemo....you can do it-- that is, if you can survive the house bit.

Keep your spirits up and keep on fighting -- against the dreaded disease and dreaded invaders of your space...


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