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I just baked a BEAUTIFUL French Apple Pie with apples that I picked myself today. It's Mom's recipe. :) I like baking with Mom's recipes. It makes me feel like I'm doing something with her.

I wonder if it'll taste better because I picked the apples myself? I think so.

Anyway... I don't get to sample it until tomorrow, but it looks delicious! :)

Who wants pie?

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I know just what you mean, Val. I STILL look at one particular recipe of my mom's...lemon bisque. Made it once but it wasn't quite as good as hers. Now I just like to take out the recipe and look at it...written in her handwriting :D .

Now about that pie...YES...apples you pick yourself do make a better pie and I am certainly ready for a piece! Maybe a little vanilla ice creaam on top????

Love to you and Carolyn too,


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Val, you are amazing. I just love that you find joy and happiness in your daily life. Instead of being glum, you choose to root out joy. I just love that about you!

FYI.. I kept a jar of my g'ma's homemade pickles for about 15 years before I threw them away. If G'ma knew that she would have thought it was so stupid and wasteful not to have eaten them. I just had trouble parting with something that she had touched all over...; her pretty pickles with her handwriting on a stamp with the date and all. Anyway. We girls are more sentimental than the guys for the most part, don't you think?

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We have some very special hand written recipes we keep too. I make sure all the recipes I have written myself are duplicated for my children...

* On another note I have another way for all of you to eat Val's apple pie with ice cream...I love to make my kids waffle cones. It's a great treat to put a small scoop of that ice cream in the cone, then a scoop of the apple pie then another scoop of ice cream on top with whipped cream and a cherry! Try it, you can even eat it on you way out the door to deliver a baby, or whatever you do! :lol:

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