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Can you guys help me out with a ?


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Tim's last treatment was 5/27 (6X Carbo/Taxol)...during chemo, there were days he was so tired he would fall asleep at the kitchen table, but he would rebound and he was still doing yard work, going out to dinner, etc. But since the 18th of this month he has been so tired and weak...he has no energy for anything and he is also getting muscle spasms in his legs at night....He is in no pain (gone since he started taking Iressa)...

He is currently on Iressa (started 7/10), had a Zometa Infusion on 7/18.,

and is on Paxil. He just had #8 of 10 radiation treatments today for mets to a vertebrae. He is down to 1 20 mg oxycontin every 12 hours and a couple of percocets a day. The day after Zometa, he had a fever that peaked at 102 ...aches and pains..vomiting..the Onc said that was the Zometa...but ever since he had that infuison is when this extreme fatigue hit him..

Has anyone had experience with this, or have any idea what may be the cause? Can you have a delayed reaction to chemo, or can Iressa cause fatigue. The only side effects I have heard about from the Iressa is the rash and diarrhea ( he has the diarrhea, but no rash yet...just a flushed look sometimes)...

Thanks for any info you all can give me..I really appreciate it !


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Tim has been through ALOT. I know Radiation causes fatigue, and then paxil relaxes you. Maybe he is just in that healing sleep phase. I don't really have answers, but I hope it helps. I will continue you in my prayers my friend.


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Kathy, the radiation definitely can cause fatigue, and it will continue for a while even after the last treatment.. Lucie and I both can attest to this as we have had radiation treatments. Also, any time a new med is taken on, it will disrupt the system and that can cause fatigue. Hang in there. Don

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