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Getting to Know You - October 3


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On Jan 10th 2005 at 4:00pm my life changed forever, my husband Alan was dignosed with what turned out to be limited small cell lung cancer. He had a 7 x 7 cm right hilar mass with superior venya cava syndrom. I did all the internet searchs to find out what we were up against and during that search eventually came across this site. Best thing that ever happened as it gave me a place to come for the support I needed. So although this has been a dark journey for the most part, there has been a light of hope provided by everyone here. Thank you for that.


Husband Alan DX with LSCLC Jan 10th 2005

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I am here because in January of 2003 my mom was dx'd with stage 4 NSCLC. I was crazy with worry and I lost her in August of 2003. Three months later my father was dx'd with SCLC and I lost him in June of 2004. That same day my sister was dx'd with breast cancer. Thankfully I still have her. then again in 2005 my father in law was dx'd with NSCLC and I lost him in weeks.

to say cancer has changed me is a whopping understatement. I am not who I was in any way, shape or form, and may never be again.

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I was diagnosed last fall with a pancoast tumor. Doctors here held out no hope and I was preparing to not be here as of last spring. BUT I was not ready to be in that place. So I searched all I could to learn about what I had. During my search I stumbled across this site and found members who directed me to a doctor who has saved my life.

I come because I owe this site a great debt I could NEVER repay over many lifetimes - the gift of life!

I come to support those in need of it and to celebrate with those enjoying success.

I come to receive support when I am scared.

I come because of the amazing people here who are among the most awe-inspiring people I have ever had the privilege of 'meeting'.

I come to join others here in the fight against this dreaded disease.


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Tough question - thought provoking!

I guess I was much like others, in that I started searching everywhere to find out about other people who had SCLC. The first Oncologist I had didn't give me more than about 8 months to live, and here I am, 16 months later, still fighting to try and stay ahead of it, but feeling pretty darn good, all things considered.

At the time though, I just wasn't going to accept Dr. Gloom & Doom and his predictions, so once I started learning about this disease, I dumped the old stereotypes and I dumped him. I came across this forum not too long after I was diagnosed, and enjoyed reading the posts. Soon, I chimed in, and the rest is history.

The simple answer, and the one that (if you think about it) makes the most sense is this: I'm here because I want to be.


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Ann, you come up with some wonderful subjects.

My husband Jim went to the ER on New Years Eve with a bad pain in his stomach, and on Jan 1, 2004, we rang in the new year by being moved to the Oncology Floor at the hospital. Wasn’t our most festive New Year but thankfully we spent it together.

The diagnosis was Small Cell Extensive stage. The oncologist told us it was incurable, but treatable, and he couldn’t tell us whether that meant 6 months or 2 years. I jumped on the internet to research and like Don, one of my Google requests, turned up this WONDERFUL, COULDN’T HAVE MADE IT WITHOUT YOU, site.

I turned here for medical information, for hope, for nighttime company every night while I listened to Jim’s breathing just to make sure he didn’t stop. I’ve shed many tears for people here, but just as importantly, I’ve laughed and cheered and lit candles and crossed all pieces of my body in fervent thoughts that some one here will get good news when they are in the agony period of waiting.

I’ve received PMs when I’ve been so low I didn’t know if I could get up out of bed again without Jim by my side. Thankfully, one of you has been by my side on a lot of those days. (Of course, you weren’t quite as warm, cozy, and cute as Jim.)

I am lucky to have found all of you and can never say THANK YOU enough to Katie, Rick, and to all of you. And, if Jim were here, he would send a big warm THANK YOU for taking care of his wife when she needed it the most.

With love,


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I came for some answsers about my husband's diagnosis and treatment plan.

I stayed because of the members.

I recall reading a post offering support and hope from Ginny to another member and then reading down thru Ginny's bio and realizing that Earl had just passed away. Here is someone that has just lost her spouse and yet she has the compassion and heart and TIME to share some words of wisdom and comfort with another member. That's why I have stayed...the people. Being here for each other is what LCSC is all about...for me!

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My mom got diagnosed in Nov 2003 and I went nuts b/c we are so close :) I did lots of internet research and found LCSC.

I think getting involved with LCSC made me feel like at least I was doing something b/c this disease does not discriminate, you cannot predict the path, and it makes you feel helpless.

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When Dennis was diagnosed in 2002, I began participating in another LC forum. Several members from that forum branched off and I found this wonderful group! In February, 2002, after no obvious symptoms, my husband of 25 years was diagnosed with small cell extensive lung cancer. I was told by the doctor (Dennis didn't want to know) that we might have six months with aggressive treatment. Dennis made it, fighting every step of the way, until December 15, 2002. The wonderful people people from this board are such an important part of my survival! There were so many times that I couldn't have gone on without some of you! Now, I am doing better and stay with this group because we are family. I also want the opportunity to help others as I was helped!

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I am here because my father was diagnosed in August of 2004. That was probably one of the worst times of my life. The worst part of it was the waiting. We knew the doctors had found something in his lungs but by the time they did a bronchoscopy (which was inconclusive) and then doing a needle biopsy it was horrible. I was doing a course that I couldn't finish. I turned to the internet for some help when I came across this site. Although it is absolutely horrible that so many people have lung cancer it is nice for people to come together to offer support and to know that you are not alone! For this, I will be forever grateful!

Thank you so much everyone!!!!

lots of love,


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We are here because we were given a gift when we found this site.

We are grateful for the gift.

We open it every day.

We want to be sure that we welcome others as we were welcomed.

We have found things and people here that we did not even know we were looking for or that we needed.

Our love for each one of our LCSC is immeasurable, as is our gratitude.

Thanks for asking, Ann.

Pat and Brian

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I originally came her because I was scared of losing my best friend and I needed support now I am here to try and offer support and of course I need some ssupport sometimes still when fear strikes. I hang around because this is the best bunch of people I have ever talked with :D:D

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I was diagnosed with lung cancer, I didn't do much research on it at first, after all, it was "just cancer". Advances are being made all over on the war with cancer...

...and then I was curious after staging and my aunt replying that she was in tears (having gone from Stage I to Stage IIIa) - she's in the medical profession. Oh, that was a bad day on the 'Net for me, the more I read, the more I panicked.

I read the low odds, and my brain took over, low odds or not, there WERE survivors, somewhere...so my next search was for lung cancer survivors - and I ended up at a site with a small band of survivors. I lost it, had to search for it again to get it in my favorites and I lurked...and then I posted.

Why am I here now? I remember how terrified I was when I found this place, and if I can calm down one terrified person with a "been there, done that" story that shows there IS a silver lining somewhere, then it's worth the constant reminder of where I've been. I'm here, with a flashlight, to help others fight the monsters in the dark.


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Why am I here.......

I found out I was losing my best friend, my husband, the father of our children and felt so helpless to help him. I needed to be able to feel like I was doing something to help him find his miracle, his cure.

After Randy passed, I stayed because there were so many wonderful people here that chose to help me find my path in this journey we call life.

My heartfelt thanks to Katie, Donna G, Connie, Ann, Glo, Lillian, Ry, Don, Dean Carl, Fay, Shelliemac,and too many others to name. You all touched me and helped me to be able to stand when I felt like I would never get up again.

I have found I can't leave here. I come everyday. I know I don't post much anymore, but I do read and pray for all of us. We have become an online family. We cry together, we celebrate together, we pray together. We search for the cure so that no one else has to "find" us. But everyday someone new finds us and reaches out and gets the support they need to continue on the path.

You have restored my faith in people. You have given me hope when there seemed to be none.

May God bless each of us and give us the grace we need to make it.

Thank you Ann for doing these postings.

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As with most of you I was desperate for others who knew what I was really going through. The fear, the treatments, the side effects, the anguish, the hope, frustrations, anxiety and uncertainty.


I was in search of more than just information I was searching to belong, a community where I felt I fit in. I no longer felt as though I "fit in" with my 30 something stay @ home mommies who have nothing more to think about than getting their nails done and should they get the BMW SUV or the Lexus.

That sounds real harsh, but I had been frustrated with the fact that our lives had become about who was getting a new car, building a new house, how much that house was worth and who had the biggest diamond ring.

My husband and I struggle a bit, but we choose to sacrifice so I can stay home with our kids. Things seem to come real easy to most of my friends and I was starting to lose focus about what is really important.

In many ways, LC has been a blessing, allowing me the opportunity to get off the merry go round and live MY life, for as long as I get to.

Being on this board is rewarding to me also because I would not have met most of you otherwise.We are strangers, connected by cancer, like soldiers on a battlefield from all walks of life, colors, creeds, bound together with one mission. Destroy the enemy and be VICTORIOUS!!!!

Its no accident we are here together...

Thank you to all!!! For fighting this battle by my side. I fear less, know more and and no longer feel alone.


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I come here to talk to people that "get it". I have a wonderful family, great friends, great doctor, all very supportive. However, they can't possibly understand what a punch in the stomach it is to be dx'd with lung cancer. I don't think even people with other cancers are on the same roller coaster as we are. It's other lc survivors that help me keep my sanity!


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Charlie was diagnosed in Jan. 2004. I began researching on the Internet from that day forward. In June 2004, I stumbled onto this site. Had never done any website posting, chatting or anything.

Without any hesitation (no lurking), I joined and posted immediately. I am soooo glad I did. I still remember being amazed by the responses.

The support has been wonderful! I have had a few times when I asked myself if it was healthy for me to be here where there is so much bad with the good. After much thinking, I believe that this site (in addition to providing support, information, etc.) provides hope and realism. Both are very important to battling this disease and supporting those that are battling.

More than you asked. But, just needed to express myself. Take care all.

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I am so overwhelmed by this question, I keep peeking at it but not responding.

basically, I had a meltdown at work the day we found out my mom's LC had returned, posted on craigslist that I was flipping out (I think in the psych forum :lol: ) and someone gave me the link, with the comment "best on the web". I have gone back to try and thank him or her, but I can't find them.

I never, expected to find what I did here. such a blessing.there are so many "reasons" I'm here - information, support, comradery - but really I think it's just god's gift to me.




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I found this site while seaching for help after my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in Feb.2004. It has been so helpful to me in so many ways. In the last few months my Mom was diagnosed with leukemia( my parents are divorced) and my mother in law is fighting lymphoma. Everyone here is such a great support, I am on the site everyday and so encouraged by the strength of so many people here. I will always be grateful.


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