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tarceva dosage and side effects


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Hello everyone,

My Mom has been on tarceva since June. When she first started taking it she felt better than she had in months. Her energy level was way up, and had very little side effects. I just got back from spending a weekend with her and we talked about the tarceva. She was thinking about talking to her doctor about lowering her dosage because she just hasn't been feeling as good anymore. Her eyes were all red on the outside and she has been using drops all the time because they are so dryed out. I could tell she was just so tired. I'm hoping that some of you who have had tarceva treatments can tell me about your experience. Did your energy level drop after months of use? Did you find that the drying got worse? For those of you who had to drop the dosage, what caused you to do this? Did the lower dosage seem to help? What treatment were you put on after the tarceva wasn't working anymore?

Her next scan is October 14, please keep her in your prayers that it will come back with good results.

Thanks so much for all your help.


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Hi, Melinda,

Brian was not on Tarceva long enough to be of any help w/ your questions.

We just want to remind you that we have your mom in prayer and that we are sending support and concern.

We always love seeing your smiling face and your beautiful daughter.

Pat and Bri

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I did not think Tarceva was used for small cell? Many people have had to have their dosage lowered from 150 to 100 due to side effects. She needs to be very careful about her vision, there is a member that had a major vision loss from Iresa and they are similar drugs.

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Dryness is a perpetual problem. Chemo started it and the Iressa has kept it going. I am taking myself off of Iressa cause I was having a lot of pain and discomfort on my left side where the liver is. decided the Iressa was causing it so am trying an experiment to see if the pain improves. praying for your family. pammie

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