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My mom sounds & feels better!

ma's kid

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Oh,happy day! Just got off the phone with my mom and she sounds like her old self! We were getting so concerned as each day passed. She finished her radiation treatments two weeks ago and really had some problems with her esophagus,major fatique and her spirits were so low. She still has problems with eating but it is getting better, day by day...just as the radiation oncologist said it would. Her onc delayed the chemo for one week so maybe she can get a little stronger and also put her on something for depression..so maybe it's a combo of things but at least she sounds more like herself. She even went shopping with one of her girlfriends today.

Just talked with one of my brothers and we were doing the happy dance, LOL.

All we want is for her quality of life to be good..gosh, I am so proud of her and her resilient spirit. They did a follow up scan after she completed the radiation and although I have not seen the actual report, the onc said it looks good! They will re scan about a month after she completes her round of chemo..she only has three more.

I so appreciate this board and everyone here..thank you for letting me share the good, bad and the ugly!


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Libby -

I am so happy for you and your family! My mom was diagnosed not long after yours...so I know that sense of wanting so desperately to have a "good" phone call with her or my dad.

I'll be thinking about you.


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Thank you for all the good wishes and prayers and I KNOW the positive thoughts and love expressed on this board help all of us and our precious love ones.

Just *hearing* the smile in her voice yesterday was such a blessing!

Hope everyone is doing ok this am.


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