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Questions on Petitions and Funding?


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Some of you may remember that I have volunteered with the Thomas G. Labrecque Foundation in NYC the past two years. The foundation sponsors a lung cancer run/walk in Central Park in April. I have included the website if you would like to learn more about them.


The reason why I am reaching out to all of you today is to get some help re: petitions and lung cancer funding. It would be of a great help if anyone has ideas on what should be said in the petition. Also, I want to be clear on lung cancer funding and how the funding process works. When the Foundation put out petitions two years ago, one walker commented that the decision on funding had already been made, so basically the petition was addressing a mute point. I am trying to help them out, they are a great organization and putting forward a good fight against lung cancer, but they are still young and looking to come up with some powerful ways to help and make a difference. I am hoping (and know) that they are very knowledgeable people here who can help me out and give me some good ideas.



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I don't know very much on this subject, but one thing I do know is that the group who raises the funds gets to determine how those funds are used by the recipients. And it is my understanding that unless the donors specifically indicate in very clear written language that the funds are to be used for research in the areas of treatment for the disease and it's side effects then most of the funds donated to Lung Cancer Research are used to support Smoking Cessation programs and studies.

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