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I'm a newby

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I'm new. Not really sure what i'm doing here but...oh well. My father was recently diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. he has been undergoing chemo and radiation both. but dut do to his platelets being low they have not done radiation for a week. I'm so scared. As well as the rest of my family. But i just can't bring myself to talk to them about it so maybe i'll find someone on here to talk to. Have a good day.

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Welcome to our family.

The first few weeks after Dx are the worst for anyone. The unknown is what drove me crazy. Is your dad limited or extensive stage? Once the dr's have a plan in place, you will be able to take a deep breath and unfortunately you will learn more about cancer than you ever wanted to know.

Knowledge is your power though. Get educated, go to every dr. appointment and ask allot of questions. Dr's have to be kept on their toes too so if you do your homework, they will do theirs.

Ask your questions here because virtually everything you will want to ask, someone here has experianced.

I am sorry your dad has LC, but its not unbeatable no matter what the internet says.


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You said you're not sure why you are here.

You are here because you are scared.

You are here because you are looking for answers and you are here because you love your Dad.

Sounds like the perfect reason to me! :D

Glad you found us.

I hope you stay in touch.


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ok, when does he meet with the oncologist?? whenever it is, you must be there with pen and paper. write things down because in the moment, when dr's speak medical mumbo jumbo, you will be overwhelmed and if you write things down, you can come back here and ask your questions then.

I did with both mom and dad and by the time my Father in Law was dx'd I unfortunately was an old hand at LC.

your dad MUST feel comfortable with his dr's or else find other dr's. They are his life line and if they are not working as hard as they can to keep your dad alive, find someone who will.

This is a fight now. Your dad needs a medical advocate who will be there for him through all of this.

Consult a nutritionist even so your sure his nutritional needs are being met.

keeping him as healthy and positive is priority now.

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We believe in the dr's. they are great. I'm just not sure if they are telling us because they are not sure or if they are just not telin us to not tell us. I'm not sure when he will see them again. They haven't been doing radiation recently due to his platelet count being to low. They have been doing bloodwork everyday since like last thursday. All we know at this point is that it is Small Cell and is in the right lung and also on a lymph node that has attached itself to the superior vena cava.

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Sorry that you have to be here Manda but you will learn a lot here. You will also find a lot of compasion and suport. Like Shelly said if your dad is not comfortable with his doctor look for another one as soon as you can. Find out how much your dad wants to know. Sometimes the patient doesn't really want to know everything but you should. Or at least whoever is his primary caregiver should. I just don't trust a doctor who will not answer questions. That is part of their job.

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Hi Manda and welcome.

As everyone has already said try and be as involved as you can with your Dad's care. My husband was DX in Jan 2005 with Limited Small cell and the 1st couple of weeks were probably the worst just trying to adjust the the news. I learned no question is a bad question and if I did not understand the answer I asked the Dr. to please put into terms I could understand and kept asking until I was comfortable that I did understand.

I am sorry you need us, but glad you found us.


Husband Alan DX with LSCLC Jan 10th 2005

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Dear Manda,

I keep a notebook exclusively for dr appts.

I date each entry, write all my queastions down before I go in, and write down THEIR ANSWERS.

This keeps everything in sequence, helps to refreshe questions unanswered or misunderstood.

So sorry your father is going through all this, but this is a great community and you must be a fantastic daughter to be working so hard to help him.


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hey Manda. you sound a lot like I did when I arrived here. it's great that you have faith in your docs, but I too would want all the information. that said, I agree with Don - the plan is what matters! keep coming here for support and info. I am so sorry you're in this 'world' too, but glad to meet you nonetheless.



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Hi Manda.

the part of your post that I could relate to precisely was the fear and feeling too scared to talk about how scared you are.

I felt exactly the same way with the diagnosis of lung cancer when my brother, Dick, was diagnosed. I didn't know how to deal with fear at all. And I was scared beyond belief. I think that part of it was that he was in a different state. Our family had not been dealt any deaths previously. He was so young! I was shaking in my boots. I would think about it and just cry. I would think about him and cry. I was grateful that he didn't have to see me being so scared. I wanted to be brave for him, but didn't know how.

If I had to do it over again, I might have told him that I was scared and that I loved him. I don't know. For sure, everyone feels a whole lot of terror with a lc diagnosis.

A good way to get through the fear is to get a grip on the cancer, find out what you are dealing with, and then help to slay the beast. You will get through it. I think you are quite courageous.

Cindi o'h

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Hi there and welcome,

I just want to let you know that you are not alone and that we are all here for you. Yes, I know how scared you are. My dad was diagnosed last year with small cell and he is still here with us. He is doing great. I hope that gives you some hope.



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Hi Manda: Shellie has given you good advice. The only other thing to add is that some people take a tape recorder to the doctor appointments. That way you can pay attentioon and ask questions whenever you want and not have to scribble down notes.

For now, you should learn all you can about your daad's disease. It does sound like the doctors are on top of it in terms of monitoring his blood count.

The next time your dad goes to see the doctor, you or some one else should go with him and ask questions. One important question is to ask the doc what the strategy is.. or what the next step is if the platelets are low. You have not mentioned chemo. Find out what or if chemo is going to be used.

You will feel better as you get more information and arrive at an understanding of what your dad is dealing with and what the oncologist's plan is.

Don M

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Hi and welcome. I know you're afraid now. Everything is swirling all at once. We're here for you. You'll get a lot of information and support here. If you can go with your Dad to the doctor, be sure to take notes. Ahead of time, write down questions for him. Don't be afraid to ask anything on your mind. That's what the doctor is there for - to help you and your dad understand what will happen in the days ahead. Tell your Dad there are many people here with small cell who are doing fine and going along with life. There is hope. Don't give up, even though it is hard, he'll make it through. Keep posting and let us know how we can help you.


3 1/2 year SMLC survivor.

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Hi Manda. Welcome to our group. I know that you are very scared right now and having a hard time believing this is all really happening to both you and your dad. There are some really informative people on this board that will be able to help you answer questions you may have regarding your dads illness. There are also lots of very caring and compassionate people that are here to support you. Just remember that everyone here has been touched in some way by lung cancer and can understand what you are going through right now. Please know that we care and are praying for the best for your dad.

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