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Asking for some positive thoughts


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My mom has developed a terrible cough over the last several months. It's always been "nothing" but lately shes had some dizzyness and extreme fatigue, and pain in her hand that is persistent.

She was put on an antibiotic and steroids today to help with inflamation (if there is any) and had blood work and X-rays of her hand and lungs.

I hope with all my heart that she is ok. Sometimes, "we" just know too much for our own good--- and my mind is going in many directions as to what it could be. We won't know for at least 3 days what her results are so I won't know until after I am home from MN. Just wanted a bit of support today.

thank you all in advance.

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Prayers that all is well and that this turns out to be something that antibiotics can fix right up. The waiting is terrible I know. Take some deep breaths and try to relax a little. That is much easier said than done. We all love you Katie. Take care and a safe trip home.


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