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New scan results - WOOOHOOO!


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Well, I didn't announce that I was waiting for CT scan results last week because I honestly didn't feel nervous. :shock: Huh? I don't know, I just didn't this time.

Had to wait an extra long time because onc was called out of town for a family thing last week. He called me today at work and told me "your scan looks GREAT!!! Better than the one two months ago!!"

Believe me I have said heartfelt thanks and been on my knees in gratitude. So, here's a personal WOOOHOOOO!

Wishing you all good news soon,


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Leslie, I am SO happy to hear this. it's funny, I was in a yoga class the other day and rememebererd a teacher telling me once that one way to get out of the ego in class is to dedicate the benefits of my practice to someone else.

I guess you recently mentioned yoga, or something, so you popped in my head. :) I'll 'give' you all my classes for great news like this!! :lol:



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