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Tarceva -- loss of appetite and fatigue? experiences?

gail p-m

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My Dad has been having a very difficult time of things lately. He went on Tarceva for his recurrence of lc. However, since going on it, despite scans which say he is stable, he is always tired and has lost a great deal of weight. I noticed that someone just posted the same symptoms in Ask the Experts. Dr. Cunningham, like my Dad's oncologist, suggested that depression may be a cause for the symptoms. However, I am wondering if extreme loss of appetite and extreme fatigue are being reported by many on Tarceva. After all, it is a new drug i.e. is it the drug or depression. Maybe we should get him off of it though he certainly is not a candidate for chemo in his current physical shape.

gail p-m

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Ya know Gail, the person your talking about that wrote to Dr Cunningham is in my Support Group here, (her name is MaryJo and we had a good talk about this issue at group today. HOWEVER, we didn't come up with any answers. So, it can't hurt to ask your dad's doctor's what they make of this.

It's got to be very frustrating, not knowing what the HECK is going on, and what to blame things on. :roll:

Best of luck and I hope your dad starts feeling better.

Love & Hugs,


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Hey Gail,

I am also taking Tarceva. I have never experienced those side effects and I am on my third bottle. However, I continually have the rash and severe dry skin. Has your dad had bloodwork lately? Could he be anemic or dehydrated? Does he seem depressed to you?

Hope this helps!



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