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Make sense to anyone out there?


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Hi all

Mom recently (Monday) had her 3 month ctscan. I have the written report here which was obtained yesterday from her pulmonologist as we were there regarding her ever decreasing breathing. I of course cannot wait on someone to call me with the results so i ma trying to decipher it out. Why can they not write these things in the everyday English language?

The report is compared to her last ctscan in January as well as one for a PE protocol in May (Pulmonary Emblolism?). It first of course says something about her end stage emphezema and then goes into

There is an area of ATELECTASIS of the left upper lobe that is abutting the anterior and superior mediastinum. This is stable compared to the PE Protocol in May but new compared to the prior exam in January. A discrete mass is not seen. This could potentially be related to radidatoin change if the patient has had prior treatment in this area. (not exactly sure if thats where her radiation was).

This next part is my concern,

There is a small focal area of density in the right middle lobe that is new compared to the last examintations. Wether this represents an infiltrate is unclear. It measures less than 10mm in diameter and I believe that follow up will be required as I do not think it will be amendable to evaluate with either percutaneous biopsy or PET scan at this time.

No enlarged hilar or medistinal lymph nodes are identified.

Does this make any sense to anyone? Other than the pulmonoligist saying they would watch it and do another ct scan in 3 months is all I know.

I appreciate any and all info you guys may have.



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I think your paragraph of concern means that he thinks he might see a new nodule but he isn't sure. He is saying it is too small to biopsy and the PET would not be of any help. He is saying to follow up in 3 or 4 months to see if there are any changes.

That is my take on it anyway..

:P Dr. Cindi :P

ie..nothing to worry about right now! wait and see... then it will be nothing. (it'll turn out to be a burp)

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I would have worried about the same thing, though I suspect Cindi's read is right. nevertheless, I am also a HUGE fan of Ask the Experts!

try not to worry yourself sick for three months. I've had to learn how to let it go for those periods. it's hard, but doable.



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