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Bone/CT scan question!!


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Hi -

My mom has had a terrible time with pain and has been unable to get started on chemo...yet they recently put her on steroids, and she is doing better, thankfully. Given that she has new pain in her hip which is terrible..they are going to do a full bone scan tomorrow. If it is a met tumor, they will radiate that as well.

My question is this...what is the differnce between a CT scan, bone scan and MRI -- what shows what. For example, if there were mets to the brain or skull, would those show up in a "bone scan?" If something is in the adrenal gland near the kidney -- would that show up in a bone scan or a CT scan or what.

Please help!!! I feel so ignorant.

Thanks very much!


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Umm...good question. I know Mom gets all the scans, but if I tried to make a resonable explanation, I'd probably just goof it all up.

Hopefully someone will come along who can answer your question. Remember to keep a notebook or something similiar handy and jot these questions down when you think of them. Then you'll have them in one place when it is time to see the next dr.

:) Kelly

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Hi Hollyanne,

Hope this works, I am going to try and give you a URL for some info...if it doesn't work, you can search WebMD health. The site has some bascic info on the tests you asked about. Hope this helps and hope your mom feels better.

Oh, Holly..I cannot get it to paste here. Sorry.

I know someone will come along and be able to answer your questions.


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