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Can You Stand It???


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More good news, that is? Was at NIH these past 2-1/2 days for scans. God has been good once again. NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE! Big problems with my back, but not cancer related.

Asking for some thoughts these next 2 weeks for some additional tests we will hear about then. If all is good to go then, well, who knows where our celebration may lead.

I would have NEVER thought this time last year that I would be where I am this time this year. Thanks to all of you!



PS: I know what NED and NERD mean. Is there any difference...anyone know?

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NED! NED! NED! YIPPEE!! Kasey, this is the best news ever. I am so, so, so happy for you.

I think:

NED is No Evidence of Disease

NERD is No Evidence of Reoccurance of Disease

I think they both kind of mean the same thing, don't you?

WHO CARES? Kasey is NED! Kasey is NED! That's all that matters. Ring the bells! Sound the alarms! Blow the whistles! Shout to the Lord! Jump for joy! Open the pub!



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I am so inspired by you and your story!!! Way to go!!!

I do have a question about your dx. You were inoperable, incurable? What does that mean excatly? If it can't be surgically remove your incurable? And why was it inoperable according to some Dr.s and why were you finally able to have it resected?

Whatever you can tell me I would appreciate.

Thanks for the good news today!!! Tom. off to Moffit in Tampa.


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NED means No Evidence of Disease and is a term coined by someone else.

NERD means No Evidence of Recurrent Disease, and I made up the term because at the time Recurrent and Metastatic Disease is what I was dealing with. It is what I have dealt with for most of my journey as a Cancer Survivor. Plus I was just trying to make myself laugh (and if a few others thought it was funny then so much the better.)

Your news of NED or NERD status is wonderful no matter which you choose to use. Enjoy!!!

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