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Getting to Know You - October 6


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I would have to say subs. I really like Firehouse Subs but since they're a little out of the way and gas is about $2.93 here, I would settle for Subway. My favorite sub would have to be a spicy Italian!

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PIZZA!!!!! My choice would be pizza hut, pan with extra cheese. Love it, love it! Plus if I eat one piece that usually satisfys my cravings. Although I do love the bread sticks too... and those little cinnamon sticks with icing :roll:

Life is good sometimes... ya know!

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this one is all about me.

I can't cook, can't boil water without making a mess. I really was in the wrong line when God was giving out talent in the kitchen.

I literally, SWEAR THIS IS NO BULL, buy 35 frozen Healthy Choise or Lean Cuisine dinners every Sunday at the grocery store.

I would never starve unless my microwave broke down. I can't even bake. I am absolutely useless with a pot and a pan.

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Taco Bell, Wendy's, Burger King, Sonic, Papa John's Pizza

Sonic is a drive-in restaurant. They serve burgers, chicken, and breakfast items. They have really good frozen drinks--shakes, smoothies, blasts, etc. My favorite is the Sunshine Smoothie--actually pretty healthy compared to the other drinks.

Gotta go find me something to eat now. This has made me hungry!

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