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Returning the Fir Tree pass...


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We are back...as of about 1:15 a.m. this morning. Long flight out. Long flight back. Other than the getting there and getting home part, it was a ball. Two of my "cyber support team" drove all the way from Seattle to come meet me!! Can you imagine? They stayed overnight and we had such fun together. (These are two gals I've 'known' for 5 years thru another message board. They are part of the group of 14 women I asked to be my "cybersupport" when I was diagnosed.)

Anyway...the inlaws were healthier...so we did go see them but spent the night in a motel, instead of staying at the house. I was able to get in little naps or rest periods daily...so didn't wear myself out too much.

But it's so good to be home and my dogs are BESIDE THEMSELVES with joy to be sprung from their kennel life of the past 9 days.

I have laundry to do...and some more sleep to nab before I'll be "human enough" to read thru all I've missed here...so give me another day or two...eh?

I missed checking in on you all...hope everyone is doing okay.

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Welcome home, Addie. The place just hasn't been quite the same without you and your humor!!! I'm so glad you're back with us! Glad you had a safe trip. I know your little darlings must be so thrilled to have you home with them. Get some rest and then bring us up to speed on your trip!

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