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Scary times start with tommorrow


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Well as you all know the time has come where my dad has his series of scans starting tommorrow to find out if the pain in his back is cancer or not. And to see if it has spread anywhere else thoughout his body. Im soo terribly scared. I just dont think I can handle seeing him go through all the treatments again in fact i dont think he can handle it. Hes told me that he doesnt want to do it again. His last chemo was 6 months ago and now it might be starting all over again just when things seemed to be getting back to normal. I guess i always knew they werent normal i knew he still had cancer but its like i forgot about it you know? in a way.. I coulld keep rambling about this and all my emotions and thoughts going through my head but Im not.. not for now anyway because i know you guys will help me though the outcome so until then PRAYER BELIEF AND AFFIRMATION will do. I just hope that I can post the outcome in the GOOD NEWS section I have always wanted to. =) anyhow prayers to you all...thinking of this board always!

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Its never to late katieb =) thanks

I dont have any news but just and update on whats going on. My dad had his full body scan today that took over and hour to scan his whole body. Then on tuesday he has his chest xray. Then after that he doesnt meet with his doctor until the 12th.. Unbelievable isnt it...We have to wait that long for the results?? Its going to kill me to wait that long for the outcome.. ive been freaked out enough lately. But i guess no news is good news for now huh?Im going to scan his picture this week too. =) blessings to you all.

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