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Now that she's gone...


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Now that she’s gone, what am I supose to do?

So many more things I’d like to say.

So many more things I’d like to do.

I reach for the phone to call her.

I think of things I’d like to share with her.

I know she had a wonderful life, but I want more!

With the passing of my Mom, then 3 days later my Aunt, I feel like I haven’t even grieved yet. We were so busy getting everything ready for Moms Memorial Service and trying to comfort my Uncle and cousins.

The day after Moms service, there was a viewing for my Aunt. The day after that, her funeral. After the funeral, I went and picked up Moms ashes. This was the Longest 3 days of my life and it’s all a blur!

One of my sons is in the Air Force. He has been stationed in England for the last 3 years. His wife and 2 kids ages 3 ½ and 10 months flew in the end of August and were staying at her Moms. My son flew in the day before Moms service. They are all staying with us this week. As of this Saturday he will be stationed in Tucson. I am so happy he will be closer! Since he was in England for 3 years, a lot of his friends are coming by. I have 2 other boys who still live at home so life at home is a bit crazy this week, and that’s putting it mildly. A part of me wants peace and quite, the other, is overjoyed they are here with us.

I keep remembering stories of my Mom and that makes me smile. It also makes me sad. She was so loved and will be missed! I just feel so numb.


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