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A funny note on my last CT scan..


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I forgot to mention this...

When my oncologist came into the exam room after my last CT scan, her first words were "What exactly have you been doing that got you a broken rib?" Evidently she could tell from that way it was broken that it was not cancer-related.

I am very worried about my girls in the event I get sick again, so I have been coaching and practicing with them both to make sure they can take care of themselves if I am not around(I used to teach martial arts). Even before I got sick, I insisted that they train in martial arts for a year before I would let them get drivers licenses, and go out in a car by themselves. I am also teaching them about car maintenance, and purchase, mortgages, and all kinds of things... busy! ;)

I was very pleased to tell my doctor that my 5'4" 120lb daughter had broken one of my ribs with a left hook, delivered (pefectly!) when I was laughing at her for making a silly mistake. You GO! Jo. I do have to say that it was kind of tough to congratulate her while I felt my body going into mild shock from a broken bone... :) My doctor never seemed to understand why the broken bone didnt bother me, and I just laughed about it....heh... she is not a daddy.

I truly pity the boy that puts an uninvited hand on one of MY girls. She was being NICE. :wink:



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I have no daughters, but two nieces (one just started High school this year) and I just might send them up to you for some trainig. That would save me from having to kick the a_ _ of the boy who lays and unwanted hand on one of "my girls"

It also sounds as if you gave your cancer a good left hook. Keep up the fight Mike.


Husband Alan DX Small cell lung cancer Jan 10th 2005

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Mike, I love this story. I know that every bit of pain from this broken rib was well worth the peace of mind you received from knowing your little girl could take care of herself! You sound like a truly wonderful dad! Your girls are very lucky!

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