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I had an idea, but I'm not quite sure where to go with it!!!

As I am sure you all know by now, today is "National Lee Denim Day" for Breast Cancer. But did you know that last year, Denim Day raised over 8 MILLION DOLLARS for Breast Cancer Research?????

I have taken that fact and decided to organize a "Wear Jeans To Work Day" on the first Friday of November (11/4/05) at my law firm, with all proceeds from the day going to my lung cancer walk (which is taking place the next day).

HOWEVER.....this whole Lee Denim Day thing has me thinking....I propose that we ALL try to organize a "Wear Jeans To Work Day" for the first Friday of November, with proceeds going to some form of lung cancer support/education/funding.

What we NEED is a National Sponsor to make it official, but I'm not sure how to go from Point A to Point Z!

Anyone have any thoughts on this? My hands are pretty full with my upcoming walk right now, but I'd really love to see this take off!

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Heather, great idea. We definitly need a day, week, something. I was getting gas at a Chevron station last weekend and they wanted to know if I wanted to donate a dollar for breast cancer - I told them no, if it was for lung cancer, then I would probably give them $5. She didn't acknowledge anything I said.

We need a celebrity, a major corporation or somebody that people will listen to. I wish I lived closer I would definitely be at your walk. I would love to see something here on the West Coast but not sure how to organize it.

Keep up your good work and thanks for doing it.

Nancy B

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I just checked LUNGevity's website -- they have a listing of many lung cancer events taking place across the country (regardless of who the benefiting foundation is) and the only one I see in California is in "Folsom" -- not sure if that was anywhere near you, but it already took place in August.

I can't believe with such a big state, that is the ONLY thing going on!!! There must be something out there!

But maybe it needs to start small -- try to organize your own "Wear Jeans To Work Day" Event on the first Friday of November! Try to get some friends to do the same thing at their places of employment! Pick a lung cancer charity of your choosing and donate the proceeds -- Go for it! :wink:

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I sure hope some day we can have an LCSC DAY and all the Proceeds would go to keeping LCSC up and running! :idea::D

Hebbie, you don't EVEN want to hear about the lady I ran into at the Cancer Event we were just at.

She is a Facilitator for a CANCER SUPPORT GROUP and she came up to me and said, "I just lost my brother to lung cancer a year ago, but he asked for it" :twisted: She continued to say, he was dx.d with lung cancer, but he just kept smoking!!! :evil::twisted:

Well, long story short, I don't like people like her! And the worst part of it is, she deals with ALL CANCERS in a SUPPORT GROUP SETTING! God HELP US!

I wish LCSC had $5,000.00 dollars in the bank, but WOW would it be cool to have millions like breast cancer does! :wink: Hopefully SOMEDAY we'll be noticed too!



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I'll make sure to implement jean day on November 4th! I've done it before at my office and it's very successful. I make everyone pay $5.00.

In regards to a celebrity sponsor...I saw a public service announcement with Trisha Yearwood on lung cancer. She lost both grandparents to lung cancer. Just to see something like that in the midst of all of the breast cancer awareness was suprising and hopeful. I look at all the wonderful things they have done with breast cancer awareness and it is inspiring. The power of women is amazing! I'm hopeful that some day that we will have that same amount of awareness.

I was a part of that event in Folsom! It was great and fun! I agree with you Hebbie...I can't believe there aren't other events in California. We were going to do a walk in November, but with weather conditions, we decided to do August instead. (It rained on us last year). If anyone is interested in doing a walk in your area, we are interested in helping you implement that. We are a 501©3 non-profit, public charitable foundation.

Please check out www.ramosfoundation.org or email me at natalieh44@msn.com

Our immediate goal is to raise $250,000 to put towards lung cancer research grants. We have had discussions with UCLA and they will appoint a group of professionals to determine which are the most promising treatments to dedicate our grants to.

Good luck to everyone!

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