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Happy Birthday, Fay A.


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Fay, I think I am a day late with this post but better late than never!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you felt up to doing a bit of celebrating! In my book, the day you were born is very special because that day produced YOU!!!!

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My birthday falls in the month of October, and I've always believed it takes a full month to properly celebrate birthdays. :wink:

I just feel that nothing else I could receive this month would be as great a gift as knowing that the sun still shines on the faces of these two much loved people.

I'm choosing not to post my actual birthdate here, folks. The reason is possible identity theft. I have family members who are dealing with that nightmare and what has happened to them is terrible.

I hope you aren't offended that I won't share the birthdate across the board. Thanks for understanding...

Oh, for those dealing with Christmas Eve or Christmas Day Birthdays for themselves or their children, I have a child born on Christmas Eve. So I had the birthday party on June 24th. It would be the 4 1/2 birthday, or 12 1/2 birthday party. The kids thought it was a great idea, and their parents understood. It is just about impossible to get other children to attend a birthday party on Dec. 24th. We would have a private, family only party on Christmas Eve.

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