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I am glad I found this site tonight. My dad, whom I adore, has been going thru a tough battle with anemia for a year now, following a heart bypass surgery. The hemotologist he was seeing didn't do any x-rays. He just did lab and determined it was hemolytic. He then took a leave and 3 other doctors filled in for him. They did nothing more except a bone marrow test and sent him for transfusions after the steriods and IVIG didn't help. He finally got with another doctor that I thank God for giving him. He set him up with a CAT scan that showed multiple nodules in both lungs. They biopsied twice, bronch and needle, but one missed and the other was undeterminable. So, he sent him for a PET scan. The largest nodule took up the dye as did the lymph nodes in the hilar region of the lungs. Dad had thoroscopic surgery performed this morning and the surgeon drained 2 liters of fluid and took samples. So, now we will wait and breath deeply until the results come. I think I can handle cancer. The not knowing what it is or what to do or where to take him has been really tough. I know I am not the only person going thru this with a parent and it was nice to read the support and true caring you all have given others posting on here. If anyone has any thoughts on my dad or any suggestions I would appreciate them. I only want to give him the best care I can and do what needs to be done for him. To share a little about my mom-she developed macular degeneration about a year ago in her right eye and now has it in her left eye as well. Dad says Mom can get around but can't see and he can see but can't get around! I told him that they are just the perfect pair!!

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Welcome Jennifer. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. The only suggestion I have, and I have learned this by reading posts from others here, is when you have a dx of cancer, go to the best cancer hospital you can find near you and see an oncologist. This is not a disease that should be treated by general doctors. The best treatment available should be started as soon as possible.

Don't dispair. Many things can be done to treat lung cancer, if that is the dx. Cure is possible and you must have hope that this will happen.

Good luck to you and your family and keep posting. We will all be pulling for your dad.


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Hi Jennifer,

Many many years ago I to was Daddy's Girl...so i know where you are coming from.

I don't know that there is much to say to you regarding cancer for as of now, you do not know if it is or not...hope that it is not. Hope that it is something that is minor and can be cleared up..

YOu sure have a handful of worries with both your mom and dad's problems. I think what your dad says it great. It is always terrific if one can see some humor in the down time of our lives. Hopefully your father will be okay and your mother can rest easier knowing that...God Bless

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