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Joel and I are back.


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Hi Ry and all,

You could have your pass back. Thank you very much. :)

The cruise was great!! First time cruising and we loved it. Next time we will do the 7 day one. We also spent a week in Fla.(Port St.Lucie West) with my bro and family. It was great seeing him and my two nieces and their spouces. It just poured the whole time we were there but we did have one decent day which we relaxed by his pool.

We were lucky we left the cruise at the right time, because a tropical storm was hitting the Bahamas. We could see all the dark clouds when we were existing the ship. This is what caused all the rain in Fla. So we lucked out that we missed that on the cruise.

It was so great to see Joel so relaxed. We must have gained at least 5 lbs from all that food!! :shock: My kitchen right now is empty and I must food shop. Yuk... were we spoiled!!

Anyway, I will answer the posts, but I must unpack and do some things

I did notice that everything seems to be fine on here. Thank G-d. Missed you all so much. I went through a little withdrawl from being away.

I still have ragae music playing in my head. But it still is good to be home. My son is especailly glad, so he does not have to drive here anymore to feed our cat.

Maryanne :wink:

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