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Getting to Know You - October 9


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I'm a crafter

I must admit

Sometimes I think

I'm through with it.

But then I read another book

And through my junk I take a look.

Boxes with beads and blocks and glitter

To toss any of this would make me bitter!

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My Angels division game tickets are here

When the Angels beat the Yankees I will cheer

I was at the World Series in 2002 when the Angels won

It was just so much fun!

I hope to go again this year

Since I don't like it I won't drink the beer

Somethings don't change

Everyone wears red in eye range

However now that I live in the new normal with my mom

I scan the crowd and wonder if LC effected any of the Johns or Toms :)

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She does't do my dishes nor does she make my bed

Often times she plays with my head

She sleeps a lot and is picky about what she will eat

But when I set or stand she is always at my feet

She doesn't talk and often flirts with men

But I know she is my best friend

I didn't go out to find her she came to me through grief

But she has been beside me to bolster my belief

She looks unkept a little less than shaggy

And she knows it's time for a walk when she sees the baggie

She isn't Beauty or Fritzy

She is just my old dog Misty

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My hubby and I are up to late

but he is always my late night date

He is playing a game

I was doing the same

I came here to visit my friends from afar

He plays two fort and eats candy from a jar

It doesnt matter what we do

together were happy, just us two!

God Bless,


PS my vain attempt

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I'm not a poet,

I never have been,

But when someone asks so nice,

I feel obligated then.

I am looking at my pills

They clutter my bed.

If it weren't for them,

I would surely be dead.

They call to me

"It is morning, come take me with food

Or a big tumbler of water!

it's all good."

One is for the thyroid,

Some for the heart,

one just to poop,

more gratifying than passing flatus.

Cindi o'h

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Sitting at my computer

reading all the posts,

Answering where I can

giving some hope,

Waiting for the Eagles

to kick Dallas's as-

the anticipation

is giving me gas.

Got back from a cruise

nothing to eat,

have to to shopping

and pick up some treats,

I have to leave now

and do all my chores

the game's at 4:30

friends will be at my door

So to all my friends here

including stinking Dallas fans

I will be back

after the Eagles

woops Dallas in their cans.



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My son and I

I'm looking up

when I suddenly see

a picture of my Ryan and me.

What a joy to see this sight,

I will always hold it tight.

In my heart there is so much joy,

He is such a sweet little boy.

I love him so much, his smile, his sighs,

the funny way he bats his eyes.

I can't believe he's growing so tall,

He's bigger now than he was last fall.

I will cherish this picture as long as I can,

My son and I holding each other's hand.

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