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Tuesday morning check on the brain toasting!


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Am scheduled for a brain MRI on Tuesday morning to follow up on my recent round of radiation. Saw the rad onc on Friday and he gave me the full range of possibilities (which I pretty much knew already :wink: )

The largest brain "deposit" (as my onc so cutely termed the tumors :roll: ) was only 1 cm. So I'm hoping they are either all gone...or that only some small part of that 1 cm. tumor remains. The radiation continues to work for a while...so eventually I do expect to be empty headed again. 8)

I also start chemo on Monday...going for three days again. (Only had two days of chemo during radiation to give my body a wee break).

Anyway, if you have a positive, empty headed thought to send my way :wink: ....I thank you in advance. And while you're at it, if you wouldn't mind...send me any spare HAIR GROWING thoughts you've got too...cuz after TWO separate cycles of WBR...there is a chance my hair might NOT come back in...or will be spotty. Like a poorly fertilized lawn, I guess. :roll:

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A friend gave this to me. I think of it often.


If God can grow such giant trees

By planting tiny mustard seeds,

Imagine what His love can do

When GOD plants faith in me and you.

Keep that positive attitude!!



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I would like to make a withdrawl against that deposit!

Prayers for hair.

You have had so much activity out there on that lawn, it's easy to see why growing a few sprigs would be difficult. Like my dad used to say, it's like trying to grow hair on a whore's pussey.

love, Cindi

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Wishing you lotsa luck on your mri, have my next CT on wed and my brain is already empty, so positive wishes are coming your way... a positive reality is my hair is starting to come back, now of course this may be short lived if my next treatment causes it to go out again. I look like a chia pet, no longer a baby bird and if it comes back full force i will gladly send some plugs to you.

sure hope your results are good.

love joyce

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Oh Addie, how you remain to keep such a wonderful sense of humor through all of this just amazes me. I just know that you and I would be best buds if we ever met! We would just craft up a storm!!! Addie I am sending prayers and positive thoughts for you!

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Nothing but great results will be tolerated at this point. OK? Best of luck with the MRI (I like to take a small bite of a xanax before they put my in that thing) and will keep my fingers crossed for the hair to remain on the "lawn".

I have a great magazine to order wigs if you want a copy just pm me. I bought one when I went through chemo and I loved it. Was not hot or scratchy.


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Well, Addie!!!

I am SO wishing for a good scan tomorrow. BUT you know, the hair thing is not all it is cracked up to be :shock: !!!! My wig is FAR better than ANY hair :lol: !!! I get so many compliments (never when I had my own hair)on how terrific it is. Looks absolutely real. Now what is coming in underneath is a TOTALLY differenet story :roll: !

GLad you had a good trip and that you are back safe and sound. Now good results will just make it all perfect.

My very best hopes and wishes on their way to you Addie!



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Addie, many, many prayers coming your way for a clean MRI. My MRI machine has a mirror in it that looks like I am looking out - helps the feeling of being closed in. I also try visualizing "a happy place". Much good luck to you tomorrow. I will be thinking about you and praying.

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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