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anyone familiar with LYRICA


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I'm on a new drug - Lyrica that will take the place of morphine sulphate. Does anyone have any experience with this?

The benefit is that you don't build up a tolerance and need to increase the dosage and it is not an opiate. But it has its own set of side effects. You need to build up to a theraputic dosage, I assume to less the side effects. That dosage is 300mg 2x. I started at 25mg and I'm now at 100mg.

Wondering if anyone else has tried this and with what results.


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Hi Mary,

It seems Lyrica is a very similar drug to gabapentin which I have been taking for over 6 months now. I have experienced no noticeable side effects. Maybe just a very slight weight gain, but I am not even sure it is from the drug. I am not sure what info you are seeking. I have been happy with gabapentin. Seems Lyrica works with less dosage. Let me know if you have specific questions that I may be able to answer for you.


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