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Returning the Plane Pass

Frank Lamb

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Back from California in one piece.Had a really great time with our daughter and son in law.

They had us all over the place.Catalina Island,LA,San Diego,Hollywood,Beverly Hills,Oceanside,Riverside,Long Beach,Santa Monica,and everywhere in between.

I pooped in every one of those cities,but survived and had a great vacation.

Now it's home and long pants in place of shorts and a sweatshirt.Will get caught up here as soon as possible.

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Yeah...glad you're back! The Just for Laughs section hasn't been the same without you! I had to smile thinking about the sweatpants, as it's going to hit 92 here in Florida today! I would love to trade places with you, as I love the cooler weather.

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Hi Frank,

Ummm... Ummmm... that is more than I wanted to hear. :roll:

I am glad you are back and it seemed like you had a great time. At first I thought that you were pooped from visiting all those cities, but when I read it again... then I thought about your chocolate donuts... :shock:

Seriously, welcome back!!


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Welcome Back, Frank! Wish I could have had you guys up this way for a visit, but my house is still a construction zone; too much drywall and wood dust, paint fumes, construction adhesives, etc. Makes it hard to breathe. Glad you had such a great visit in Southern California. Maybe next time you visit your daughter you can talk her into bringing you North to the Central Coast.

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